Random outfits #8

Time to show some outfits I’ve been wearing again. Some of these I wore a few months ago because the pictures were taken in the old place, but these are all fairly cold weather appropriate so I figured I could still use them in a blog post. So these are 6 random outfits that I wore over the past few months.  random outfits

Random outfits

Some of these outfits I wore in the past few weeks as well, so this is a nice mix of older and newer outfits. I still like all of these outfits though and I would totally wear them again. What is your favorite?

Outfit 1

random outfits

Blazer | H&M
Shirt | H&M
Skirt | Forever 21
Shoes | Vintage

I wore this outfit during one of the first days of the school year. The reason why I remember that is because this blazer started falling apart throughout the day. The faux leather had dried up and started to flake off the blazer. So I no longer own this, but it was fun while it lasted. I paired the neutral tones with some burgundy: my favorite color for the fall time. I was also into wearing my hair in a half up do during that time as well. Funny how you adapt your style according to the seasons.

Outfit 2

random outfits

Shirt | Only
Jacket | Primark
Jeans | Topshop
Shoes | Converse
Bag | Primark

This was a late summer outfit. I believe I wore this running some errands. Looking at this makes me wish it was spring again! I want to bust out those trainers again. And yes, that jacket has the Hogwarts emblem on it. While not something I wear to work, I do wear this jacket out around the house. I like the reds of this outfit and it makes me want to bust out more red again.

Outfit 3

random outfits

Shirt | H&M
Pinafore | H&M
Shoes | H&M

For fall/ winter I love wearing my pinafore dress. I actually want one of these in a denim so I can continue wearing this style of dress year round. Here I am pairing a navy corduroy pinafore with a mustard yellow: one of my favorite color combos. To continue the yellow at the bottom, I paired it with a pair of leopard print Chelsea boots. Perfect. Fall. Outfit.

Outfit 4

random outfits

Shirt | Forever 21
Cardigan | H&M
Skirt | H&M
Shoes | H&M

For months I wasn’t too inspired with my outfits. I just threw on jeans and a sweater and I was good to go. But more recently I have been putting more thought into my outfits. Case in point: this matchy number. I wanted to wear this skirt in a way I hadn’t yet. Lo and behold, I had plenty of items in my closet to do an earthy toned cream/ tan matching outfit with a hint of olive. I loved the color palette and a colleague also complemented me on the outfit.

Outfit 5

random outfits

Blouse | Monki
Cardigan | Urban Outfitters
Jeans | Topshop
Shoes | Asos

Now for an outfit that I feel very pleased with. I love this combo so much! It still plays around my current favorite basic: a pair of skinny jeans, but it isn’t boring. The shirt I am wearing here, I had actually never worn before even thought I had had it for a while. It has a yellow undertone to the cream and I struggled pairing it. So I decided to go quite basic on top and paired the cream with a burgundy. Add on a funky textured shoe and you are good to go!

Outfit 6

random outfits

Blouse | Vero Moda
Skirt | H&M
Shoes | Sacha

On to the last outfit. I have been loving this skirt lately and so I decided to wear it again a few days later. This time I styled it how I usually do: with black. I did opt for a patterned shirt over a plain black as I normally would. I wanted to add a little bit more interest. What I like about this combo is the clash of the colors, the pattern and style of the shirt give the outfit a more relaxed vibe and the shoes add a little bit of edge. Me likes!

What have you been wearing?

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