Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable foundation

In no. 2 new foundations at the drugstore we have Rimmel. Recently, Maybelline, Rimmel and Max Factor released new foundations and I’ve been taking my time to try each out and write blog post about it. I already reviewed the new Maybelline Superstay formula, which is a super longlasting, full coverage foundation. Today’s review is for the new Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable foundation.

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hr Breathable Foundatio 100 Ivory with SPF 20

This foundation retails for €15.49, but Rimmel is on sale constantly, so you never actually have to pay this price for the foundation. I actually got this for less than €10 when all Rimmel face products were on sale. So the price point of this foundation, while quite up there for a Rimmel product (I find), can still be deemed very reasonable, given you wait for a sale to come around.

The Packaging

The Rimmel Breathable foundation comes packaged in a sturdy glass bottle. As all Lasting Finish foundations, the cap is slanted and comes in a shade to make it stand apart from the other foundations in the line. What makes this foundation different is the applicator. Where most foundations come in a pump, this comes with a paddle shaped doe foot applicator. The applicator works well, but is of course not the most hygienic as you still it back into the foundation.

The Swatch

The shade I picked up is the lightest one available in The Netherlands: 100 Ivory. I have tried this shade before in other Rimmel foundations and it is usually too dark for me. However, as you can see, this foundation blends out very nicely and is barely noticeable on the skin. So while too dark at first glance, I find this actually blends out well and looks seamless once it is blended down the neck.

What I like most about this foundation is how much it looks like actual skin once on. The formula is thin and quite watery. This explains the choice of a doe foot applicator: a pump would squirt this product everywhere. The consistency feels nice and I would say this has a satin finish once applied.

The Application

In this before and after picture, you can clearly see the coverage and blendability of the foundation. On the left is my bare face. On the right, I have applied product only to the left side of my face. The coverage is light to buildable medium. The bottle says this is medium, but I find this sheers out a lot and one layer makes for just a light coverage. Adding a second layer is very well possible and gives a medium coverage.

Shade Match

While the shade is too dark, as is clearly visible in this close up, I don’t really mind. Since the foundation blends very nicely, it can easily be blended into the neck. I also find this a very effortless foundation to apply. I prefer to use a brush as it keeps more of the coverage in tact. I have been loving the Zoeva 104 Buffer brush from the Opulence Collection to apply this.

Lasting Power

Since this foundation promises to last for up to 25 hours (what a weird claim!), I decided to test how it would wear on my skin. I wore this for nearly 12 hours for this review. So excuse the color difference between the pictures, but you can clearly see how this wore. The foundation is definitely still in place, despite some shine on my forehead and my nose. The foundation hasn’t broken apart and doesn’t look cakey or worn.

The Conclusion

Is this my new favorite drugstore foundation? I love the texture and formula of the Rimmel Breathable foundation. I don’t mind the shade being a little bit too dark: it really isn’t too noticeable when I wear my hair down and I have a white foundation I can mix this with if need be. The combination of a quick and easy application, a decent amount of wear and a skin like result that barely looks and feels like you are wearing foundation makes this a foundation that I highly recommend.

What new (drugstore) foundation have you been loving?

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