Lush Breath of Fresh Air

A toner is a regular part of my skincare routine. In terms of skincare products that I have used consistently for years, then toner was one of the first items that made a very regular appearance. I have tried a few over the years, with some being more successful than others. How will Lush’ Breath of Fresh Air toner water fair?lush breath of fresh air skincare toner review swatch

Lush Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water

This is a fairly expensive product compared to other toners I have tried and liked. For a bottle of 100 grams, you pay €6.95, while 200 grams will set you back €13.25. For comparison: The Body Shop Aloe Vera Toner, my favorite retails for €12.00 for 250 mls. So for more product you tend to pay less. The Aloe Vera Toner has worked wonders for my sensitive skin and with every skincare product I try, I am always curious to see how it will work.

The Ingredients

The ingredient list looks very promising. It is mostly water: a combination of fresh and sea water, combined with some aloe vera and various oils. This does contain fragrance, which, if your skin is very sensitive, may not work for you. In my case it has not caused any problems. However, my skin has been doing quite well lately and I have little troubles when trying new products. But so far so good.

The Packaging

Lush Breath of Fresh Air is the first toner I’ve come across that comes in a spray bottle. Most toners I’ve tried come in bottles that allow you to pour out the product in some way. I like how the packaging makes using this product a lot more hygienic. The spray is quite fine, but I don’t like spraying this right onto my face. I prefer to spray this onto a cotton pad and run it across my face.

The Application

The product itself comes out as a clear water. It works well for taking off residue makeup or cleaning up your face in the morning for a quick and easy cleanse. When I first started using this, I thought it would smell and feel very salty, like sea water. It doesn’t. This feels very fresh and clean. It smells really nice too. I find it difficult to describe, but the closest I can come is the smell after a rain storm in the spring time.

The Conclusion

I really like Lush Breath of Fresh Air, but I don’t feel it doesn’t anything new for me. It is a good product and the packaging is easy to use. However, it is quite expensive for what it is and the fragrance in the product might not be for everyone. I will certainly repurchase at some point, but it doesn’t beat my favorite TBS Aloe Vera toner.

What is your favorite toner?

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