The Balm Instain Blush Houndstooth

My love for dusty rose blushes is no secret. It is my favorite blush color to wear year round, but mainly during fall and winter. This season I have a new favorite: The Balm’s Instain blush in Houndstooth. I had tried one of these blushes before, but never really got into them. And then I bought this color and I have been using this nonstop.

The Balm Instain Longwearing Staining Blush Houndstooth

There were a few reasons why it took some time for me to fall in love with The Balm’s Instain blushes. The first reason: they are not cheap. I have found prices ranging from €15 to €26, depending on where you get it. I don’t know about you, but around €21 average for a single blush is a lot of money. Especially if it is from a brand that isn’t much raved about and operating under the radar and often more difficult to find.

The Packaging

One thing that didn’t contribute to my apprehension regarding these blushes is the packaging. I love The Balm’s packaging. This blush is sleek, it has a mirror and no space is taken up by a brush that you won’t use anyway. The compact itself is decorated like a vintage magazine, which is a great touch. These blushes come with a sleeve that ensure the compact remains closed. If you wish to travel with these, I recommend keeping the sleeve as without it the compact might open quite easily.

The Blush

Houndstooth is one of those blush colors that I love: a dusty rose with a mauve undertone. It contains 6.5 grams of product which is pretty good for a blush. I don’t know about you, but I have never used up a blush before, so I don’t think it will be any problem with this. The color is great, but it is one of those shades that looks like nothing in the pan: just the way I like them.

The Swatch

My second reason for not using my Instain blushes all that much is the pigmentation. These are some of the most pigmented blushes I have ever come across. And they last long! I had never found a good way to apply these. But then I used my Zoeva Sheer Cheek brush and it’s been a match made in heaven. All you need is a very light hand with these and you have a blush color that lasts all day.

The Application

When I first started using this blush, I had a hard time to make it look natural. It took some time to get the hang of using it, but I love the end result. Houndstooth gives that perfect flushed look without looking too much. With this blush, I only tap my brush once into the product and then blend it out onto my cheek. That’s how little you need. The shade goes with every single look I’ve done: it is neutral and goes with both cool toned and warm toned looks.

The Conclusion

The Balm’s Instain Blush in Houndstooth was a slow burner in my makeup collection. This is a typical example of a product I had to get used to and figure out how to make it work for my makeup needs, before I could really enjoy it. But if you’re looking for a blush that is long lasting, comes in an array of colors and are you willing to invest: try this, you won’t regret it!

Have you tried The Balm’s Instain blushes before?

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