Best glitter nail polish

In terms of nail polish I love a good glitter. Yes it’s a pain to remove, but a good glitter polish just takes your nail look from boring too playful and fun. Glitter is a great way to play around with nail polish. Often they are not full on glitter and thus are great for topping off other colorful polish which means you can create endless different looks. So I figured it was high time to show you 10 of my favorite glitter nail polish.

Best glitter nail polish

As I said I prefer glitters that can be used as top coats more so than a full on glitter. However, a glitter can always be build up and some of these will go opaque with a few coats. I also have to say that many of these were limited edition and no longer available. However there are many similar glitters out there, because there are a lot of repeats.

Essence Icy Fairy

Icy Fairy by Essence was a glitter polish that was part of one their many semi-annual changeovers. And it is such a shame that you can no longer get this. In the bottle this looks like a boring white polish but once applied this has a pink shift to it. The chunky glitter bits make this polish look like true icicles on your nails.

Gosh Girls on Film

Such a shame Gosh is no longer available here, because they did a stunning and pretty close dupe for OPI Teenage Dream. That limited edition polish is a coveted one that I used to have but then dried out after I didn’t close the lid well enough. I had been looking for something similar ever since. This has the same holographic glittery bits, but it is a little less pink which I actually prefer.

W7 Rocket

A brand that I love for its glitters is W7. This English budget brand has very affordable polishes. The first opaque glitter polishes I ever found were by this brand. Rocket is one of their sheerer glitter polishes, but this has a very pretty soft turquoise hue to it. It has some multi-colored sparkle to it which makes this anything but boring.

Barry M Amethyst Glitter

This is one of those polishes I just knew I had to get when I saw it on a blog years ago. Barry M Amethyst glitter is a multi-colored glitter polish that goes on opaque in 2 layers. If you want to use it as a topcoat, then one layer will do. It goes well over purple and navy polishes. And I love using this for an accent nail.

Catrice Let’s Get Lost in Vegas

One of the very few opaque glitter polishes that I enjoy are the Catrice Million Brilliance Luxury Lacquers. One of the polishes in that line is Lost in Vegas: a stunning rainbow glitter mixed into a lilac base that gives the nail polish a much sought after look. If this isn’t a unicorn nail polish, I don’t know what is.

Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 106

A nail polish that I love layering for very specific looks is this one by Golden Rose. This is a polish that looks great on soft lilac and soft pink nail polishes. It doesn’t just amp up the base color, but also makes the glitter stand out more. Of course, this works will over many other polishes, but I like using it mostly in this way.

Essie On a Silver Platter

Much like Icy Fairy, On a Silver Platter has a chunky glitter to it. It is also opaque. This is one of those polishes that looks stunning on almost everyone. It has a solid silver base and lots of cool toned glitter of different sizes. I personally love chunkier glitter polishes as I like the look of texture.

OPI Shine for Me

OPI Shine for Me was part of the Fifty Shades of Grey limited edition collection. Corny movie aside, it is one of the prettiest glitters I own. A silver and blue, this works great over darker polishes. Greys, blacks and navys perk up when using this polish and is thus great for the winter time.

OPI Pirouette My Whistle

Apart from chunky glitters, I also love differently shaped glitter. Give me glitters in the shape of stars, hearts or such as here: as squares. This makes for a playful, almost snowflake like effect that works great over many different polishes. As it is white, it is very versatile and can even look nice on a clean nail.

OPI Super Star Status

Super Star Status is another former limited edition, this time a Christmas collection. It is one of my favorite polishes I own because it has a great blend of both silver and gold glitter. I know not everyone likes mixing metals, but I like the look. Again, it has a gritty texture that makes this also a great polish for an accent nail.

What are your favorite glitter polishes?

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