How I wear polka dots

If you have had a look at any spring collection out there, then you will have noticed one thing: polka dots are back. Together with stripes, polka dots are a print that never go out of style and are simply timeless. This means I already own a few polka dot items that I thought would be good to style up. I very consciously strayed from adding any dresses in this blog post as that would just be cheating. Personally I love a polka dot dress with a fun shoe, but there is no challenge in styling that up. So for this blog post I have selected 5 clothing items from my wardrobe that might prove a little bit more challenging. Β how I wear polka dots

Top | H&M
Jeans | Topshop
Shoes | Nike

A polka dot top is a great way to start an outfit. This t-shirt is quite basic, but the ruffle sleeve adds a little bit more interest. I love a good white base with a black polka dot: there is something very fresh about it. So I paired it with darker jeans to make it more spring/ transition appropriate. Since that would make the outfit quite bland, I opted for a pair of super fun, colorful shoes. These are definitely quite statement as they are highlighter neon, but they do add a fun pop of color.

how I wear polka dots

Blouse | H&M
Jeans | Topshop
Shoes | Asos

A polka dot blouse would be my next pick for a good basic to own. Personally, I wear this blouse year round. In summer I wear it as is, but in the winter I throw on a cardigan and I’m good to go. My favorite color to team it with is a dusty pink and that makes this item very versatile. For a shoe, I opted for a western style boot to add some edge. The jeans are a rich indigo which I think makes the overall outfit more classic.

how I wear polka dots

Top | H&M
Skirt | H&M
Shoes | Bronx

If you feel a bit more daring you can go with polka dot bottoms. This skater skirt is a great one: the polka dots are there, but they are not too overwhelming. My favorite way to pair this skirt with burgundy in particular. So I went with a deep purple faux wrap top that I found on sale for €5 last winter. I already had the perfect shoe to go with it: this pair of burgundy brogues which I should wear more often.

how I wear polka dots

Shirt | Urban Outfitters
Skirt | Vintage
Shoes | Asos

For a retro vibe, a polka dot pleated skirt will see you through just fine. I got this one from a vintage store in London and it is great to see many brands do variations on this style of skirt right now. It will be easy to find a dupe. A skirt like this I like styling up in a more manly fashion. So a pointed collared shirt with a pleated front in a contrasting color works well. To keep the androgynous vibe going, a pair of flat brogues complement the outfit very well.

how I wear polka dots

Shirt | Only
Shorts | H&M
Shoes | Asos

This last outfit is trying to move into rocker chic. While polka dots can easily make an outfit look very cute, you can easily make it more edgy if you pair it well. This shirt is very cutesy with the cold shoulder, ruffle detail and teeny tiny polka dots. Pair it with a skirt for a super girly look. Pair it with a pair of faux leather shorts, fishnet tights and a bootie for the perfect rock ‘n roll vibes with a hint of punk.

Are you ready to whip out the polka dots?

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