Soap & Glory Solar Powder bronzer

One of my all time favorite bronzers at the drugstore? Soap & Glory Solar Powder. Up to this point I had never gotten round to reviewing it, but after putting it in my shop my stash, I knew it was time. I already loved it during spring last year and also this year I find myself reaching for it again. Why do I love this bronzer so much?

Soap & Glory Solar Powder Bronzer Bronzo

While this is a drugstore bronzer it isn’t the most affordable out there. Soap & Glory isn’t a cheap brand per se, but they have some great quality products that are worth the price point. This particular bronzer retails for 11 pounds. It is certainly less than my more high end favorites, but it is also more expensive than one of my other favorite drugstore bronzers by H&M.


Soap & Glory packaging is always a bit retro, but it’s still quite simple. The compact is plastic, has a large mirror in the lid which is a good touch. Other than that the compact space is taken up by product and nothing else. No space is wasted on adding brushes or anything like that. In total this bronzer contains 9 grams of product.

The Product

Solar Powder is a very light bronzer that consists of two shades in the pan. The pretty embossing doesn’t last long: the pink shimmer is an overspray that is gone after just one use. But it’s not the prettiness that counts: it’s how this product actually works.

This is what the powder looks like if the overspray has been wiped off: a fully matte bronzer with a darker side on the left and a lighter shade on the right. I personally love swirling them together: because the darker shade isn’t even all that dark. I just use a large stippling brush to avoid overloading my brush and apply the bronzer that way.

The Swatch

If you swatch the two shades separately this is what you get. The darker shades is only a hair darker and has more of a pinky undertone to it. The lighter shade pulls a tad more yellow. Together they balance each other out quite nicely. The powder has a soft, yet not powdery texture to it. It blends nicely onto the skin and this is one of those powders that you can just not overapply.

The Application

This is the before and after. Not much of a difference perhaps, but that is what I like about this powder. It nicely blends into the skin and never looks too over the top. It’s a bronzer that nicely warms up the face without turning you orange and into an oompa loompa. As a fair skinned gal who struggled with finding bronzers that are light enough, yet not orange, this was definitely a gem to find.

The Conclusion

The Soap & Glory Solar Powder bronzer is one of my favorites because it works well on my fair skin. It only comes in one shade though, so if you are much darker than me, it wouldn’t quite work. However, if you have fair skin and are struggling to find a great bronzer, then this is definitely one of the best ones out there.

What is your favorite affordable bronzer?

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