Empties | March 2018

Empties | March 2018

It’s been a while since I last showed you my product empties! Before moving, I tried using up as much as I could so I wouldn’t have to haul it to another city. Of course, I still had many other products left and there were some I didn’t quite manage to use up before moving. It was thus high time to do another, jampacked empty products. Click on through if you want to see all that I used up in the past 5 months or so and what I thought of each item.

empties empty products review march 2018

Empty Products | March 2018

There is a lot here. I kept thinking, oooh I want to use that up too before I do the video. The result? A massive amount of empty products I have not yet featured I think. I like using up products though. Especially bodycare, haircare and skincare. I don’t want those products to expire before I use them up. So I’m very diligent at working through a product completely before opening a new one. Unless I hate a product of course, or if a product stops working for me. Then I just stop using it. But if it’s a product I kind of like, then I will keep on using it until it is gone. Lots of favorites in this one, but also some products that I would not repurchase. I hope you enjoy!

Products mentioned: (click the link for the review)

What is the last beauty product you used up?

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