Wet N Wild Color Icon blush

Wet N Wild blushes are much raved about as being some of the best blush products in the drugstore. I bought one in Mellow Wine years ago, but I hardly wore it. The reason? It just wasn’t my shade. It was a bit dark and I had a hard time getting it to blend in nicely. So I had to use a very light hand and most of the year the color just wasn’t a great match for me. I ended up decluttering in, but I did like the formula enough that I figured: if I got two different shades that suit me more, I’m sure I’d use it more. And I couldn’t have been more right.  wet n wild color icon blush ombre rosé champagne in a purple haze review swatch

Wet N Wild Color Icon blush 326B Rosé Champagne
Wet N Wild Color Icon Ombré Blush 317B In a Purple Haze

How much you spend on these blushes depends on where you get them. Rosé Champagne retails for $2.99 in the US and €3.99 at Dutch online stores. In a Purple Haze retails for $4.99 and I haven’t been able to find it in any Dutch online webshops. So one will be harder to find and is only available in the US, while the other seems to be a bit more widespread.

Rosé Champagne

The packaging of this is not so great. You can definitely tell where the savings on this product went to. When you open it up, there is room for a little brush, but I wish they wouldn’t have spent that room on that, but rather keep to the blush and maybe add a mirror? Still, this packaging is sleek and therefore it doesn’t take up a lot of space, which is always great.

The Product

I got Rosé Champagne as it looked like a great nude blush shade. As you can see, this is not fully matte. It has a bit of a shimmer to it. Yet, on the cheeks that shimmer is not noticeable at all. The shade is a neutral that I loved wearing last fall.

In a Purple Haze

The packaging of the Ombré Blush is different form the regular Color Icon blush. It is smaller as there is no space waisted for a brush that no one will use. And doesn’t this just look super cool with the purple to pink gradient? I have a MAC blush similar to this and I love that in the winter time, so I was hoping this would be a good drugstore dupe.

The Product

As you can see the gradient is quite subtle. My MAC blush definitely has a clearer purple shade to it. Additionally, this also has this subtle glow to it, whereas my MAC one is matte. So while I expected a similar effect just looking at the product in the pan, I think that these are different.

The Swatches

These two blushes look like they would be great on my skin tone. They are not as pigmented as Mellow Wine. That also stuck down in one place and then just wouldn’t blend very well. These have a different texture and blend much more easily. The shades are great for my pale skin and while they looked to have shimmer in the pan, these don’t look like highlighters when you start swatching them. So far so good!

Rosé Champagne applied

At the top is the before, on the bottom the after effect. I always apply my highlighter before blush so I can adapt any mistakes in case I went a bit overboard. That is why the highlighter looks dulled down. As you can see, my cheek has a bit of color to it, but not too much. It has a nice bit of color and is great for a natural look.

In a Purple Haze applied

I did the same for In a Purple Haze: I applied it AFTER my highlight and yet, my cheek has a lot more glow to it. The shade seems to amplify my highlight rather than dull it down. You can also see a pretty soft pink hue to my cheek. It is light, it is subtle, but it also brightens my cheeks right up. This is exactly what works on my cheeks for the winter time/ early spring. So I have been wearing this loads now that I have had to bust out my lightest foundation shades.

The Conclusion

Both of these shades of the Wet N Wild Color Icon blushes are great for my skin tone. I have one for every season. Rosé Champagne is a great nude that just works with any look I do. In a Purple Haze has a very brightening effect, which works best on my skin when I go super pale. Yes, I am loving these. Expect to find at least one of these in my future Shop my Stash blog posts.

What budget blush do you love?

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