Kiko Glow Fusion highlighter

Kiko Milano is an Italian brand that I love trying items from. They make one of my all time favorite blushes and their eyeshadow sticks are great too. When I spotted they now also do highlighters when I visited one of their stores, I was curious to try it. I was umming and arring between this one for their standard collection and a limited edition one. Thinking I would get more wear out of this one, I figured I would go with the lightest of the three in their permanent collection.

Kiko Glow Infusion highlighter 01 Brilliant Champagne

Kiko is a brand that is quite budgetproof, but some items can be more expensive. This was on sale when I got it: they regularly put some of their line on 20% discounts, which is great. The regular retail price is €9.95 and let me tell you: this highlighter is well worth it. Let me explain…

The Packaging

The packaging of this highlighter is identical to the blush, so if you keep your blush and highlight in the same place this may not work out. For me, it is no problem as I keep my highlighters in a separate compartment of my makeup collection. I like this packaging, but the only downside is that I never know where to open, which means I have already dug a nail into it as I tried opening it from the side.

The Product

What I fell in love with when I spotted this highlight was the shade. I have trouble finding gold highlights that look good on me. Most of the time they are too dark. This one looked like a very bright, lightening highlight. Seeing it came in the same packaging as the blush also made me feel hopeful: what if this is as good as that.

The Swatch

Swatched Brilliant Champagne looks quite icy and packs quite the punch. It has a lot of shine and looks quite metallic. But this is of course a finger swatch, which means that this product will look different when it is applied to the face with a brush.

Texture wise I think this highlight is not too cream, nor too dry. It is quite powdery and there is a bit of kick up, but I don’t experience any fallout once I have tapped off my brush. As always, I have issue with cheek products disappearing on me throughout the day and this stays put just like everything else.

The Application

Now you may think: but Maaike, where is the highlight. I promise you it is there. It is just insanely difficult to capture in pictures. The glow is very subtle and truly gives a lit from within kind of look. I like how this is buildable too. You could go to town with this if you want to and layer it up to create more shine and sheen.  It is difficult to go overboard with this and if you use a light hand and a fluffy brush, than this is the result you will get.

If you want a kapow, in your face, you can see me from space kind of highlight: this is not for you. If you want a highlight that is great for wearing to the office, school or general everyday life without looking like a glowing diva, than this is a great one to have.  I’m wearing it in this video, which when I was editing it made me wonder what it was I was wearing on my cheeks that day, only to realize it was this. I really like the look!

The Conclusion

Can you tell I love the Kiko Glow Fusion highlighter? This highlighter works well with my skin tone and is easy to apply too. It comes in two darker shades as well and when I checked their website they now seem to be doing this in a pinky/ purple tone. I *may* have to out and get that one too. This has been the only highlight I wore all of last month!

What is the last highlighter you tried?

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