Rediscovered items in my wardrobe

You know how you sometimes shouldn’t chuck items too quickly? That is what goes for the following 5 items in my wardrobe that I am very happy that I have kept over the years. At some point in time I definitely started to forget about these and I started to wear them less. But as tastes change in mostly circular ways in the fashion industry, so does my taste in my wardrobe.  rediscovered items in my wardrobe

Rediscovered items in my wardrobe

These 5 items are all items that I have had for years. Some I bought sale, but most were definitely impulse buys and those are always tricky. Still, these items all work well in my wardrobe and that is why I hung on to them. For a while, I wasn’t interested in them much, but after clearing out my wardrobe, these definitely came back to the forefront of my mind again.

Crop top | Urban Outfitters

This top was an absolute steal. I found it on sale when I was in London. It has lovely floral pattern, a button down front and it has a beautiful scalloped edge. Not something I wear every day, but it is a great piece for layering or for warm summer days. I love how quirky yet girly this is and it perfectly fits my style.

Floral blazer | Vila

Another sale find is this oversized blazer by Vila. I deliberately bought it 3 sizes too big. It was the only size left and at the time I just loved the vibrant colors of this. This works well against an all white outfit, but looks great with jeans and a t-shirt too. The bright colors liven up any outfit and I love the boxy fit of this. It has a boyfriend fit to it on me, which means that it makes for a great casual piece that is definitely a conversation starter.

Pink blouse | H&M

I love blouses in the spring time and this shade of pink isn’t too pink and not too coral. That definitely makes this a weird items to style though. It is a color that I don’t wear often and therefore it is an item that I always found hard to style. I have found out though that it works well with black for a more dressed up look and with jeans for a more casual vibe. In short, this was a lot more versatile than expected, I just didn’t realize it.

Shaggy cardigan | River Island

This River Island cardigan was one I wore loads when I first got it and then I pretty much forgot I owned it. Beige/ oatmeal isn’t a great color on me and so I forgot how to wear this. Layered over darker shades, this looks great and it is definitely another quirky item. It has a bat wing sleeve and the loose knit makes it perfect pretty much year round.

Polka dot dress | Monki

My very first purchase from Monki was this dress. A grass green polka dot dress with a pussybow tie detail, this dress was one that I simply stopped wearing. For a while, I wasn’t much into dresses, where a few years ago I wore nothing but dresses. Now that I have started wearing dresses more again, this has becomes another firm favorite. The skirt length on this is quite short, but I don’t mind showing a bit of leg and I love pairing it with black tights anyway.

What are some items you rediscovered in your wardrobe?

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