Kat Von D Shade & Light eyeshadow palette

Generally I have tried and liked a few Kat Von D products. From the Lock-It Concealer, Everlasting liquid lipsticks to the now sadly discontinued Monarch palette, Kat Von D does some pretty good products but I had yet to try the Shade & Light eyeshadow palettes. After hearing so many people rave about it and liking the contour palette (which I have yet to review), I was curious to try the only permanent eyeshadow palette currently in the Kat Von D line. kat von d shade & light eye eyeshadow palette review swatch

Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Contour eyeshadow palette

At $48 dollars for the palette, this is definitely more of a high end product. Most of Kat Von D’s products are in the higher price range to begin with. In terms of how much product you get, you get quite a bit. This palette contains over 14 grams of product which is pretty decent in terms of price per gram. It means you pay roughly $3.50 per shadow.

The Packaging

I have the old style packaging for the face contour palette which was a cardboard. The newer style packaging I much more prefer. It is sturdier, feels a lot more heavy duty and it looks a lot better. As always it has that typical Kat Von D style which plays a big role in the appeal of this brand to begin with.

The only thing that is a bit of a packaging mishap for me is the fact that the names of the different shades is nowhere to be found near the actual shadows. They are printed on the back of the palette, but that is a bit difficult to use as it is in black & white. On the actual box you get the layout of the names printed over the corresponding colors. So it’s a bit of a faff to figure out, but in case you were wondering, the names are there.

The Palette

THE best bit about any Kat Von D palette in this style is how easy it is to use. You get three base shades ranging from cool, neutral to warm. Then right below those shades are a contour, define and highlight shade that correspond perfectly with the base shade. Of course you don’t have to stick to this layout, but it does make the palette very easy to use. Basically, you get 3 perfectly laid out quads which means there is no thinking involved.

The Swatches

In terms of formula, these shadows are superior to any matte eyeshadow I have ever used. I know, I know: a bold statement to make, but these are actually that good. These mattes are so pigmented, non-powdery and creamy: it is simply unreal. The blendability of these is also right on point. Just because they are so pigmented, you do have to watch out with how much you use. It is very easy to overapply and get too much on your brush. But with a good tap off and a light hand these are some marvelous eyeshadows.

That said, however, I do think the color scheme of this palette is a little too neutral. This is one boring palette color wise. Combine that with the fact that all these shades are matte, and you get pretty looks, but there isn’t much here in terms of variation and fun shades to play with. And that makes this palette very limiting to me. Despite the boring colors, this is a good staple palette to have and if you have few other palettes, this is a good point to start with.

The Application

Look 1:
The Neutral Quad
(the left 4 shades in the palette)

I knew when I got this palette that the shades on the left side of the palette would be my shades for a quick, easy, everyday look. This is the type of thing I like to wear when I want to wear something classic that is easy to do. All you need is a bit of a darker shade in the crease with another shade to blend it out. The base shade is on the lid and the light shade is on my inner corner and brow bone. Paired with a bright lip, this is my favorite look to wear these shades.

Look 2:
The Warm Quad
(on the right side of the palette)

My least favorite shade combination in the palette is this one. Warm tones, while they can look okay on me, they aren’t my favorite on me. I like the look I get out of it, but I feel it doesn’t look 100% good against my skin tone. The peachy base shade is a bit too peach and generally the shades are a little bit too dark for me. It makes my eyes look even deeper set than they are and that makes for a not so great look on me.

Look 3:
The Cool Quad
(in the middle of the palette)

For the cool quad, I used the two grey shades to create a grey gradient look, which is different from the other two. I feel the grey shades are too similar to really create a distinct look. I am also not a huge fan of black shadows on me. They don’t get used much besides as a bit of liner and that is what I have used this for. And yes, I used an eyeshadow to create that wing. That just shows you how pigmented these shadows are as the black is a true black that works great as a liner.

The Conclusion

Is the Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Contour eyeshadow palette the best matte neutral palette on the market? Yes. Is it one that I use a lot? No. Sadly, the shades just don’t really work for me apart from the neutral quad. However, I know I will reach for this as a complimentary palette because the formula is absolutely lovely. If you’re new to makeup and are building up a collection, then this is definitely a recommendation. If you already have tons of palettes than this may not be worth the investment, unless these shades are 100% up your alley.

What matte eyeshadow palette is your favorite?

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