Shop My Stash | April 2018

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It’s the first of May!!! Which means that it is time to have another look at the makeup I used this month. I know that Shop My Stash is all about choosing the makeup you will be using, but I’m fickle and never know what I will want to wear. So instead I do these in hindsight. These are the products I reached for the most in April 2018.

shop my stash april 2018

Shop My Stash | April 2018

Make Up Revolution Flawless 4 eyeshadow palette – As every month this year, I am working through a huge pile of newly acquired eyeshadow palettes and this is one of them. I was a bit unsure as I wasn’t a huge fan of the original Flawless palette which I have since also decluttered. However, I thought these shades looked lovely and worth a shot.

Dolce & Gabbana Dolce perfume – One of my favorite perfumes for spring is this one as it is nice and easy to wear. A great everyday perfume that I get a lot of wear out of. And it was time as I had not changed up my perfume since December.

Bobbi Brown Pressed Powder – I hit pan! My Bobbi Brown Pressed Powder seemed to be the everlasting powder, but now that I have hit pan it is going down quickly and the pan is growing every time I use it. I am actually quite over this powder by now and can’t wait to use it up so I can use something else.

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea foundation – Just freshly reviewed and a foundation that I wore for two weeks straight I was surprised by how well this wore throughout the day. For such a lightweight, comfortable foundation this is definitely one of the best ones out there.

Make Up Revolution Conceal & Define concealer – Still diligently using the MUR Conceal & Define concealer. It is such a great one! It wears well, barely creases on me and is a lovely shade match too.

Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer – As the temperatures went suddenly summer like over here, I decided to wear some more minimal makeup on those warm days. I tend to just go in with concealer and I went with this one. I really like this concealer, but I have found this shade is still a little bit too dark for me as it oxidizes quite badly on me.

Ofra highlighter Rodeo Drive – A product I wanted to give a proper test drive this month was one of my newest highlighter purchases. I think I have quite a good idea of how much I like this by now, so I will be reviewing this soon.

MAC Syrup lipstick – One of my favorite MAC lipsticks is Syrup. I hadn’t worn it for a long time, but I started wearing it again to pair with some more colorful makeup looks. It is such a great shade to just throw on and be out the door.

Milani eyeshadow primer – Still going strong!

L’Oreal brow gel – Another product I would love to run out of sooner rather than later. But we’re soldiering on with this one still.

Soap & Glory Archery Brow pencil – One of my favorite brow pencils that I know I will miss once it is gone. Hope to be able to repurchase these on my next trip to the UK.

MAC Extra Dimension Blush At Dusk – I pulled out a long time favorite for my blush option this month. At Dusk is a great dusty rose shade that looks neutral and goes with everything. I had forgotten how much I love this. I have used this so much by now that the pattern has completely worn off.

Benefit bronzer Hoola Lite – As I was at my super pale state at the beginning of the month, I decided to whip up my paler than pale bronzer too. This is very light for a bronzer. Too light some people say, but on my fair, post winter skin, this worked so well.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Nude foundation – And when you have to pull out your lightest bronzer, then it is only natural that you pull out your fairest foundation too right? This worked really well for about 2 weeks or so and then I found it too light and ghostly. Still I use this foundation every year when I’m at my palest as it the only one that works for me then.

MAC Painpot Painterly & TBS eyeshadow – What can I still say about this trusty combo? They are still going strong, but I am scraping out the last bits of the eyeshadow. I hope to be able to feature it in my next empty products video.

Too Faced Hangover RX primer – I wanted to try more primers and now that I used up the ELF one, I wanted to try something else. And then I ended up with this. I like this, but I am not over the moon wowed by it. Mainly because this just feels like a moisturizer and I already use one. I have to try it a bit more before I can give my final verdict.

What makeup product did you use last month?


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  1. chucky1012 Avatar

    Wonderfull products from great brands 😍
    Nice picture 👌


    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Thank you! I realized too late I missed a few items, but I hope to pop them in next month.

  2. ANDY THOMSON Avatar

    Reblogged this on LIFE STORY'S FROM LINCOLN.

  3. sayeedahsparkles Avatar

    I didn’t like the toofaced primer! It didn’t work on my oily skin 🙁

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      I quite like it, but to me it’s too much like a moisturizer so far.

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