GRWM: Youtube made me buy it

When I did a get ready with me a few weeks ago, many people seemed to like it. So I decided to do another chatty one where I do a full face of makeup surrounding a certain theme. So today, I am working the Youtube Made Me Buy It tag into this look. Meaning, I will be doing a full face of makeup using products I bought because other bloggers and youtubers recommended them. In the mean time I will be chatting about the products as well and say how I feel about them at the same time.  grwm youtube made me buy it

GRWM: Youtube made me buy it

So this video will be doing a few things in one go. It’s a tad rambly, very chatty indeed and I go every single step in my makeup routine. I did as little editing as possible to really give you an impression of how much time it would take to do this look. Of course if you’re not chatting to a camera at the same time, this will be a quicker look. Happy Sunday!

Products mentioned:

What products did you buy off Youtuber recommendations?

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