Top 5 drugstore blush

I love a good drugstore blush, but it’s been a while since I listed my very favorite picks. Of course I love my high end picks, but there are plenty more affordable options that I love too. And you could say I love these a little bit more as they are definitely a bit more cost effective. Not all of these are super cheap: they are definitely more on the high end of the drugstore offerings, but they do all perform extremely well.

Top 5 drugstore blush

So I have selected 5 different blushes for you and these are all blushes that I absolutely love. All of these are easy to use, but they do not all work for me year round. Most of these do, but there is one that is best for me in the spring/ summer time. So let’s start talking about that one.

I Heart Makeup Love Hot Summer bronzer

This first blush favorite is a summer favorite. Technically this is not a blush, but a bronzer, but a bronzer with a lot of pink and shimmer running through it. I love a glowy blush in the summer time. I have a separate section in my makeup collection, just for these blushes, almost everything else I own is matte. So this is a rare exception. I love this because it is glowy, it has a touch of warmth, yet also some pink which makes it a bit more neutral. So I am still getting my wear out of this, but it is not a year round staple. It is also the most affordable item in this blog post.

H&M blush Tawny Peach

In a drugstore favorites we cannot forget about one of my all time favorites: H&M Tawny Peach. I have sung its praises ever since I got this. It is just the best neutral toned blush out there. I love wearing this year round, but especially in the winter time. It is quite pale and works really well on my skin when I am the fairest of the fair at the end of winter. It is a great matte that works well with so many other makeup products and looks. This is more of a midrange priced blush, so it’s not super expensive, but also not super cheap.

Physician’s Formula Happy Booster Warm

Who remembers when everyone was raving about the heart blushes by Physician’s Formula? And that hype was absolutely true, as I love this one. It is a glowy blush without having any shimmer to it. If you’re looking for a blush that has that perfect sheen that creates a lit from within look, then this is your best bet. It is a stunning neutral shade and I fell back in love with this after I used it on my best friend’s sister when I did her makeup for her wedding day. This is just a stunning flushed look and again it is one of my favorites for the spring and summer time. It is a tad up there in price as Physician’s Formula can be hard to get a hold of and pricey when you do.

Kiko Shade Fusion Trio Blush 05 Marsala

A blush I cannot get enough of, is the Kiko trio blush. This is a such a pretty shade and the pan is just the right size, while the packaging isn’t super bulky. It is just blush perfection. Kiko is not super expensive, but also not super cheap. However they do discount their products often, so you can usually find these at 25% off. What I love about this shade is how it is neutral but still has a bit of pink to it, as well as mauve. It isn’t too cool, nor too warm and just works great on my skin tone. I can wear this year round and just slap it on without looking like a crazy person.

Max Factor Cream Puff Blush Alluring Rose

Last but not least is again a blush that isn’t exactly cheap, nor is it easy to get a hold of if you don’t get Max Factor. While there is a lot of overlap with Cover Girl, this blush never launched in the US. My favorite of the line is Alluring Rose. It has quite a bit of brown to it and that makes this, guess what, yes, another neutral blush. The brown is not too overpowering though: this is definitely a dusty rose shade, which is different from the others as this pulls more cool toned. It seems to have a bit of glow to it, but I find this is more of a satin matte finish. This is a blush I especially like in the fall time.

What are your favorite drugstore blushes?

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