Youtube didn’t make me buy it

So this is a bit of an emergency video. I had planned to do a real time haul, unpacking some orders from some fashion places and then trying them on, but sadly the haul was so unsuccessful that the footage just wasn’t what I was looking for. So I figured I would record another get ready with me, but this time only using products that I discovered myself. So here is a full face of products that I bought not because they were hyped, but because they were of interest for me.  youtube didn't make me buy it

Youtube Didn’t Make Me Buy It

I think I saw Jessica Braun do a video like this first and I think it is a good one to do. Because not all the product you buy, you buy because of hype of course. You also buy products because you like them and I have plenty of those! Someone also requested I do more tutorials with some of the eyeshadow palettes I show in my videos and so I kicked it back old school with one of my favorite palettes. Here are some of the products that Youtube didn’t make me buy.

Products mentioned:

What makeup do you swear buy that deserves more hype?

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