Unusual lipstick shades

Unusual lipstick shades: I have been including them in many of my lipstick reviews. Because trying nudes and reds will only get you so much. And since I am a firm believer in using makeup for creativity and fun as much as to glam yourself up, I thought I would make a video about some of my unusual lipstick shade collection. We’ll start with some wearable shades first but that may still be out of most people’s comfort zones. However, I will also take you through some purple, blue and green lipsticks too.

Unusual lipstick shades

So why do unusual lipstick shades appeal to me? I’m not sure. Some of these I never even wear out of the house, but I do like wearing them in videos and in my lipstick reviews. I think that if a brand can do a blue lipstick right, that they have a great lipstick formula, because it seems to be the toughest to do well. And yes, in this video I am not only talking you through all the shades, but I will also be swatching them all on my arm and on my lips too. I hope you enjoy!

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What is your favorite unusual lipstick shade?

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