Too Faced White Chocolate Bar

We all know the Too Faced Chocolate Bar. And as any beauty brand that has struck gold, Too Faced has been rolling out the sequels like there is no.  tomorrow. The latest installment? The White Chocolate Bar. If you think: well that doesn’t look very appealing to me, I think this palette isn’t for everyone. However, if you’re a fair girl like me and you love some shimmers, then this may be of interest.  too faced white chocolate bar eyeshadow palette review swatch

Too Faced White Chocolate Bar eyeshadow palette

This palette was limited edition for Christmas 2017, but you can still buy this via the Too Faced website. I bought mine at the official Too Faced store in Carnaby Street in London. So while this may be difficult to find, it is still available. This palette retails for $49, which is the same as any Too Faced Chocolate palette.

The Packaging

This palette fits perfectly in the chocolate range. It looks like a white chocolate bar as the name would suggest. There is a mirror in the lid, but I think it is a bit small. I have mentioned before how I don’t like the chocolate smell of these palettes, but I find this smells not too strong and overpowering. Out of any of the chocolate palettes, this smells the most pleasant.

The Palette

As the other Chocolate Bar palettes, this features 16 shadows. There are quite a few mattes in here: 9 in total. There are three shades that are mattes with glitter, but I find that blending those shades leads to the glitter disappearing, so I would use those as a matte. The remaining shades are shimmers and those are the reason why I was drawn into this palette.

The Swatches

As you can see from these swatches, this palette is very very light. That is why this palette is not for everyone. It is perfect for fair skinned gals like me, but if you are anything darker than snow white, this will not show up on you. I also have to say that most of these shades also don’t swatch as great as they ended up applying. That just goes to show that a finger swatch is never conclusive.

This palette is consistent in quality with other Too Faced palettes. While the shades are very light and thus barely show up on most people, the way these shadows feel in terms of texture and how they last throughout the day are in line with my other Too Faced eyeshadow experiences. The only shade that truly gave me issues is Guilt-Free as that is a bit rough and patchy.

The Application

Lid: Sugared Raisin
Crease: Cake Batter
Brow bone: Banana Date
Lower lash line: Chocolate Syrup
Inner Corner: Glaze
Blend shade: Frosted Apricot

For my first look, I featured my favorite shade: Sugared Raisin. This is the shade that made me buy the palette. Granted, it needs a bit of work as it applies better with a finger or some Fix+, but I love this shimmer. The colors in the palette work really well together and it is filled with great basic shades for setting up a look. This has to be one of my favorite looks I did with this palette.

Lid: Indulge
Crease: Cookie Dough
Lower lash line: Raspberry Rose

If you prefer a softer, everyday look, then this look is for you. It is clean, it is simple and this is perfect for the office or school. Or if you are simply not into super intense eyelooks. Not everyone is into that Instagram glam look. I think this look has something romantic about it that I think is very pretty.

Lid: Exotica
Crease: Smokey Sea Salt
Lower Lash Line: Lavender Cake
Inner corner: Pearl Candy

Another look that I think is pretty but that adds a nice pop of pastel is this one. I do feel that these looks all look quite similar despite the fact that I have used different shades for each one so far. Each one is a bit different of course, but there isn’t that big of a difference. To ensure the lavender pops, I used a white pencil to intensify the shade.

Lid: Sugared Raisin
Liner: Black Sugar
Crease: Cookie Dough
Lower lash line: Mint Chocolate
Inner Corner: Pearl Candy
Lower lash line (only inner third): Guilt Free

The fourth and final look features the mint green. It didn’t swatch the best, but layered over a bit of mint green liner (yes I own one), I feel you can build this up to create a nice pop of pastel color, like the lavender. For the lid shade, I not only pressed it on with my finger, but foiled it as well and you can see it becomes a lot more intense and shimmery. I also used the black as a bit of liner.

The Conclusion

While I can see why not everyone loves the Too Faced White Chocolate Bar eyeshadow palette, it is one that I like a lot more than most people. I do feel some of the looks are a bit samey, but they are all looks that work well on me and that I enjoy. In short, I think that if you like what this palette has to offer, that it is a good one to own. However, if you are not fair, if are not keen on making your shadows work a bit harder to get a good result and if you are not into cool tones: this palette is one you’d better pass up on.

What do you think of the White Chocolate Bar?

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