Wardrobe declutter

It has been more than a year since I last decluttered my wardrobe. So it was high time to go through it again. I tend to do this at least twice a year, but having moved, it just wasn’t on my priority list. Since I now have more room than ever before, it certainly got a little out of hand, so I wanted to have a good clearout to ensure my wardrobe includes clothes I actually enjoy wearing. Here we go!

Wardrobe declutter

I was really happy with this declutter. I ended up filling up two trash bags. I got rid of sweaters mostly as that was my main aim. But I also passed along some jeans that got old and tired, shirts I bought but never really wore and dresses that once were a great idea but that I had just grown out of. In short, I think this declutter was very successful and I again love going into my wardrobe to pick out my outfits.

When was the last time you cleared out your wardrobe?

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