The Balm Balm Desert bronzer

Is it a blush? Is it a bronzer? This product by The Balm promises to be both. Depending on your complexion this can also work as both. On my fair skin, this is more of a bronzer than anything else, which is why this review will be focusing on using this product as such. So here we go: say hello to The Balm Balm Desert.  the balm balm desert bronzer blush review swatch

The Balm Balm Desert Bronzer/ Blush

This product is by no means a new product, but The Balm products don’t get as much hype as they should. So I figured that as I’m trying out these products I would be reviewing them as I go through them. The Balm is quite pricey which is why some people don’t get into their products much. This bronzer retails for around the €20 mark, which for a bronzer isn’t super expensive, but it isn’t cheap either. So I can imagine if you’re unsure of a brand or product that you wouldn’t just spend your money on this.

The Packaging

the balm balm desert bronzer blush review swatch

One of The Balm’s biggest selling points is their packaging. Most of their products have retro feel to it. Their packaging is usually quite sleek too. Like their eyeshadow palettes, this bronzer comes in super flat packaging that closes with a magnet. For extra security, the product comes with a sleeve that you can slide over the compact to ensure it stays put.

The Product

the balm balm desert bronzer blush review swatch

As with most bronzers, this looks… intimidating to say the least. However, bronzers always need to be applied with a light hand and I used a stippling brush for applying most of my bronzers. So no matter however intense this looks in the pan, I know I will be able to make it work. It does look a tad dark, which is why I am reviewing it now and I figured this would be more of a summer shade for me.

The Swatch

the balm balm desert bronzer blush review swatch

As you can see in this swatch this bronzer is quite intense. In a finger swatch this is a full on bronzer. What you can also see much better here then in the swatch is the unique undertone this has. This isn’t orange at all. Instead, this pulls more reddish pink. That is why on medium to dark skin tones this will work well as a blush as well as a bronzer for light to medium skin tones.

What you will also be able to tell is that this bronzer is not fully matte. It has a bit of a sheen to it, which would make me describe this a satin more so than anything else. It blends well, does not look muddy and it is easy enough to pick up product with a brush. Last but not least, this product is also longwearing. If you have issues with powder products disappearing on you, I would definitely suggest you try this.

The Application

the balm balm desert bronzer blush review swatch

As you can see here, this bronzer gives enough definition, but without looking muddy or over done. I have used it as a contour a few times, but I do not think it has the right undertone for doing that. It does build up nicely and you can have a lot of control with this. It is easy to blend this to whatever intensity you like.

Full Face

the balm balm desert bronzer blush review swatch

Here you can clearly see the before and after effect his product gives. On the left, I look pasty and pale. On the right, my face is doused in a healthy glow that really suits my skin tone. Where many bronzers look muddy on me as they are too orange and too warm for my skin tone, the reddish pink undertone of this blends beautifully with my cool to neutral undertone. At least I think it does.

The Conclusion

the balm balm desert bronzer blush review swatch

As you might be able to tell, I have truly fallen in love with this bronzer. I have been reaching for this every day since I started to truly try it. The Balm Balm Desert bronzer has a wonderful undertone that works well on my skin. It looks very natural on me and despite the intensity of the swatch this is one of the most easy to use bronzers on the market.

What do you think of this The Balm bronzer?

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