Nude lipstick collection

While I love a good red lipstick, I own far more nude lipsticks. The reason? Because it is so difficult to find the right one! Which is why I decided to do another lipstick collection video, but this time showing you all my nude lipsticks. I have put them into different categories, so depending on your nude lipstick needs, you can decide which one suits you best.  nude lipstick collection

Nude lipstick collection

In total there are over 40 lipsticks in 6 different categories. I’m saving the best for last and put my favorites in the last two categories. However, I also have favorites in the other categories. Depending on your skin tone, undertone and natural lip color a nude can look completely different, so nudes are very much a trial and error type of makeup product. So find a category you like, try some and find your perfect nude lipstick.

Lipsticks mentioned:

Pink toned nudes

Beige toned nudes

Red toned nudes

Brown toned nudes

Mauve toned nudes

Darker toned nudes

What is your favorite nude lipstick?

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