L’Oreal Pure Clay mask

From time to time, I like doing a good face mask. Mostly I like using it to give my skin an extra cleanse or to add moisture. It all depends on what my skin needs at that moment what I like to use. When L’Oreal launched their face masks, I was instantly intrigued but wasn’t sure which one to get. Since the blue one promises to take care of blackheads and refines pores, I decided to pick this one up.  L'Oreal Pure Clay mask anti-imperfections seaweed extract review swatch

L’Oreal Pure Clay mask anti-imperfections

This mask comes in 4 varieties and they all seem quite similar to one another. There is one that is for detoxing the skin, one for smoothing the skin and one for cleansing the skin. Each type retails for €12.99 a piece, but they are on sale often and even come in smaller packages in case you do not want to commit to a full size.

The Packaging

L'Oreal Pure Clay mask anti-imperfections seaweed extract review swatch

The mask comes in a glass jar with a green lid. The color of the container is the color of the product inside so if you have more than one of these, they are easy to tell apart. Each mask comes wrapped in an individual box that shows you what each mask will do, a list of ingredients and instructions for how to apply it. The jar contains 50 mls of product and according to the jar that should be enough for 10 applications. I don’t tend to apply super thick layers as it is not necessary so I think that you can get more uses out of this jar.

The Ingredients

L'Oreal Pure Clay mask anti-imperfections seaweed extract review swatch

The ingredient list didn’t really show me much that would concern me. One of the main ingredients is kaolin which usually is the clay used in face masks. That is the one ingredient that should clean the skin and pull all the gunk out of your pores. I prefer to use masks like this over nose strips or squeezing: I find it is the gentlest way to give my skin a good cleanse. My favorite mask is the Avocado mask by Freeman, and I am always hoping to find something that comes close to how that cleanses my skin.

The Product

L'Oreal Pure Clay mask anti-imperfections seaweed extract review swatch

The product itself looks like a very thick, blue paste. The fact that this comes in a jar is one strike against this product. I prefer masks to come in tubes or single use containers. A pot like this just isn’t all that hygienic. I do always apply my face masks with a flat, synthetic foundation brush, so that makes it a lot easier to keep the product for longer.

The Application

L'Oreal Pure Clay mask anti-imperfections seaweed extract review swatch

Applying this with a brush makes it very easy to apply a nice even layer of this mask onto your face. It starts to soak into the skin immediately, making it seem patchy in places. However, you can add on another layer. In the picture on the left I applied two thin layers of product onto my face. On the right, you can see the effect of the mask once it dries. Since it is a clay mask, it feels very tight on the skin once it dries down. I find that most clay masks do that, but this one was very extreme to the point where it started feeling uncomfortable.

The Effect

L'Oreal Pure Clay mask anti-imperfections seaweed extract review swatch

This mask’s immediate effect was nicely cleansed skin. There isn’t much of a difference between the pictures here, though one was taken before application and one after taking of the mask. Despite the tight feeling this didn’t leave my skin feeling tight afterwards, nor was there a lot of redness. However, my skin felt incredibly dry afterwards and there was an itch along my jawline, which is usually a sign of an allergic reaction in my case. While that didn’t concern me too much at first, the sensation lasted a good couple of days, which is never a great sign.

The Conclusion

While this face mask looked promising, it ended up not being 100% great for my skin. I had a lasting allergic reaction to this, so I know I won’t be using ever again. Luckily I got this for free as I got it on a discount, so I don’t mind it too much. However, if your skin is less sensitive and are looking for a good mask that will clear out your pores, then this is a good one to check out.

What is your favorite face mask?

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