Random Outfits #14

Another one so soon? I know, I know! I only did one of these just two weeks ago, but already I wore enough outfits to fill up a new post. And all outfits are super summery as we are having a massive heatwave and it’s been hot for weeks now. So some of these outfits I wore to work, but some I also wore in my vacation. Let’s get to the outfits.  random outfits

Random Outfits #14

So as per usual, I have 6 outfits for you, this time super summer appropriate. Because when temperatures rise, my outfit choice also changes. In comparison to the last edition of this blog post there is definitely a lot more color in these outfits.

Dress | H&M
Belt | H&M
Sandals | Forever 21

Outfit number 1 is a fun yellow number. I love a yellow dress in the summer time and I have had this particular number for years. I remember wearing this when I worked in Amsterdam, which was at least 5 years ago by now. The dress has gold buttons, which I decided to bring back in the belt which also has a gold buckle. The belt I chose is black, as I like layering a black top underneath the dress as it is quite see through. And to amp up the black, I wore my only pair of black summer shoes.

Dress | H&M
Jacket | H&M
Shoes | Urban Outfitters

Another dress I hadn’t worn for a while is this fun palm tree print dress by H&M. This dress I didn’t fit into for a long time. But I tried it on that day and suddenly found myself fitting into it again. Hooray! Since the wind was quite chilly that day, I threw on a jacket which I showed you in my summer haul. Because I felt the dress and jacket was already quite out there, I wore a pair of fairly neutral sandals from Urban Outfitters. They have a snake skin print, but I find they go with lots of items as they aren’t too loud.

Dress | Forever 21
Shoes | Asos

This next dress is a leggy number. I bought this last year and hadn’t had a chance to wear it yet. It is a wrap style dress with a kimono sleeve and I think this is a super cute outfit. For a great punchy vibe to this outfit, I decided to wear my red heels from Asos which aren’t only super bright, but they have a patent leather look to them and a triangular shaped heel. Since the dress would be a bit indecent without a top layered underneath it, I layered a bandeau by New Look to cover it up.

Top | Urban Outfitters
Trousers | H&M
Flats | H&M

Another summer day, another khaki item. I already featured two khaki items in my last Random Outfits blog post and this is another one. These trousers are a chino pant and I love wearing these to work when it gets warmer. Since they are long, you are still dressed up enough and the fabric is nice and breathable so you won’t overheat. Paired with this breezy top by Urban Outfitters and a pair of open flats and you have a great work appropriate summer outfit.

T-shirt | Pieces
Trousers | H&M
Espadrilles | Sacha

This next outfit is a nice, brightly colored outfit and again perfect for warmer weather. These trousers are super loose fit and floaty. I bought them from H&M last year, but I think they still do similar ones this year. They shrank quite a bit in the wash: these came up a lot longer when I first got them, but after washing them they are the perfect awkward length on me now. My favorite shoe to wear with these are my leopard print espadrilles. I just never know what top to wear with these, so I opted for a basic v-neck t-shirt which is an off-white with a very light grey stripe.

Playsuit | Urban Outfitters
T-shirt | H&M
Shoes | Converse

This last outfit I wore to go dancing one Sunday afternoon. It was the perfect outfit as the jumpsuit prevented any flare ups, but it also kept me cool enough. This is another one of those items that had been sitting in my wardrobe for years, but which didn’t quite fit. So I decided to immediately take advantage of fitting into it again. Because I didn’t want to burn my shoulders, I layered a white t-shirt underneath it, which is all the rage right now. Since my back Converse have been designated my dancing shoes as of a few months ago it made sense I would wear those with this outfit.

What have you been wearing?

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