Make Up Geek eyeshadow singles & looks

Make Up Geek do some amazing single eyeshadows. I already did a dedicated video to how I build my palette and the swatches of these shadows last year. But I never showed any looks that I did with these shadows. Not that I didn’t take any pictures though, I took plenty and today is the day on which I share all the looks I did with this palette.  make up geek eyeshadow palette singles review swatch

Make Up Geek eyeshadow palette

One great thing about Make Up Geek is how affordable these eyeshadows are. They retail for around €5 – €10 each depending on which finish you get. The Foiled shadows are the most expensive, the others are all cheaper. The blendability of these eyeshadows is great, they wear well and they go on very easily.

The Eyeshadows

I build my palette around three color schemes: warm, cool and neutral. There are a few pops of color in the bottom row and as I mentioned I already did a complete swatch video with all of these. So please what this video if you want to see those.

Today is all about the looks. So this will be a picture heavy post with little text. There are three looks for each section of eyeshadows. Between all these looks, I have used all eyeshadows in the palette. Hope you enjoy!

Cool toned looks

Neutral looks

Warm toned looks

What Make Up Geek eyeshadows do you have?

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