Top 5 palettes under €10

What’s better than an eyeshadow palette? An eyeshadow palette that does not break the bank! Apart from doing a top 5 drugstore favorites, I thought we could also have a close look at some super affordable eyeshadow palettes and talk about those. The reason why these didn’t make it into my original top 5 is because I like spending a little bit more on my shadows as I feel they perform better. However, if you’re on a budget there are still some great palettes out there as well.  top 5 eyeshadow palettes under 10 euros dollars pounds review swatch

Top 5 eyeshadow palettes under €10

So I picked 5 palettes that are right are or under the 10 euro mark. I went with euros and mostly things that are easy for me to get my hands on. Hence no Wet N Wild, as that brand is hard to find here. However, I just saw the other day that Beauty Bay now stocks them at a very reasonable price, so that is definitely something I will be looking into soon. I am really digging the look of that new Comfort Zone palette! For now, these are my favorites eyeshadow palettes that cost less than 10 euros.

Palettes mentioned:

What is your favorite affordable eyeshadow palette?

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