Make Up Revolution Water Sign palette

I love a good affordable eyeshadow and Make Up Revolution always delivers. A few months ago, I spotted that they were doing a Zodiac collection complete lipstick and oh yes, eyeshadow palettes. The My Sign collection featured shade selections based on the different star signs and I am showing you one of the two palettes I got today.

Make Up Revolution My Sign Water Sign eyeshadow palette

The palette featured in this review is the Water Sign palette. It features shades based on Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. My star sign is Cancer so I thought it would be fitting to review this first. Sadly, I cannot find this exact palette on the Make Up Revolution website at the moment, so I am not sure whether these were limited edition. On the official website these retail for €7.50 a pop.

The Packaging

Make Up Revolution packaging is never groundbreaking, but it is practical. These palettes are quite small and easy to handle. The lid is clear, which allows you to see the shades. Other than that, the packaging is just a straightforward, plastic container. There is no mirror and the palette doesn’t come with a brush.

The Palette

If you know me, then you know I have a thing for greens and look at all those beautiful greens! I am not sure where my love for green eyeshadow comes from, but I am sure it has something to do with the fact that it is my moms go to eyeshadow shade. There are a few neutrals int he palette, but there are at least 8 different greens. For a 15 shadow palette that is quite impressive. There is not a single brown in this palette, which may turn some people off, but I personally love. Another thing this palette doesn’t have? A single matte. That’s right, this is an all shimmer palette.

The Swatches

The swatches clearly show that this is a cooler toned color story. There are a few warm tones in the top row and some of the greens have a warmer undertone. For the most part though, this palette is cool toned. I think the shadows go together well and the formula is actually stunning. The shadows are rich in pigment, blend well and are easy to work with.

The Application

Look 1

None of these shadows have names so that makes it a bit harder to write about. I played up those cool toned greens for look number 1. I love how the grey tone from the bottom row plays together nicely with these shades. I love a good smokey green eye and this looks great. Even though all shades in this palette have a certain degree of shimmer to them, these shadows do not all pull metallic on the eye. That makes the shades much more versatile.

Look 2

I am not all happy with this second look. While a clash between cool and warm tones can be pretty, I don’t think it works all that well here. The grey is too stark against the yellow gold. This probably would have been prettier if I had put one of those warm toned greens in the crease. However, my aim was to explore whether this palette would allow me to also do a none green look. Mission failed I think: you will have to pull in a green at all times to make this palette work.

Look 3

So I tried again and this time I did come up with a good neutral look. So it is possible, but your options are limited. The palette has an insane inner corner highlight that truly packs a punch and I like the looks I pulled out of those. But that green look is still my favorite one I did with the palette.

The Conclusion

Another Make Up Revolution palette, another great formula. The My Sign Water Sign eyeshadow palette is one that has some stunning shades and if you love your green eyeshadow than this will be a great palette for you. It is also a great palette if you want to dip your toe into playing with color but without taking the jump into a rainbow palette.

Do you wear green eyeshadow?

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