Catrice HD Liquid Radiance foundation

When I showed the new Catrice products for fall/ winter 2018, I immediately got questions about the new foundation: HD Liquid Radiance. Since I wanted to wait until I went back to work to see how it would hold up during a regular workday, with perhaps a workout tacked on at the end, I didn’t review this foundation until now. However, by now I have worn it enough and put it through enough to see whether this foundation is any good. How does it compare to the regular HD Liquid foundation?

***UPDATE 2019***

Catrice has updated the shade range and there is now one lighter than the foundation featured in this review. I have updated this post with a shade comparison further down the post.

Catrice HD Liquid Radiance Long Wear Foundation 010 Light Beige

The price point of this foundation is €6.99, which is the same as the older version they already do for this. However, that foundation is matte, and this is a dewy finish foundation. I decluttered my HD Liquid Coverage foundation last year, as it was too mattifying on my dry skin and my skin look flakey. So I was interested to see how I would like this dewy version.

The Packaging

As the HD Liquid Coverage foundation, HD Liquid Radiance has a dropper to apply the product. What is interesting to see though, is that the HD Liquid Radiance foundation comes with 28.5 ml of product, which is just under the standard 30 ml amount for foundation. The HD Liquid Coverage foundation does come with 30 mls. And they of course cost the same. Both also come in a glass bottle which I do appreciate.

The Swatch

As you can see this foundation is very watery. The texture is thin, yet buildable. What is most noticeable however is how yellow this foundation is. It isn’t necessarily too dark for me, but the shade just seems off when I apply it and that is because it is far too yellow. This foundation also oxidizes about half a shade darker. However, I have found that applying it with a damp makeup sponge does help this foundation to blend. However, you do get less coverage that way and you will need more layers to build it up.

The Old & The New – A Comparison between 010 Light Beige & 005 Ivory Beige

*** Update January 2019 ***

For the Spring/ Summer 2019 assortment update, Catrice has released a new, lighter shade. This shade extension was a welcome surprise and one that I love. Because it matches me much better! The new shade is called 005 Ivory Beige and it is much lighter, much pinker and is spot on in terms of a shade match. If you want to see this shade on, then please watch my Catrice Spring/ Summer 2019 First Impression Try on video, which will go live on 3 February 2019.

The Coverage

What I am mainly looking for in a foundation coverage wise is that it evens out my skin tone. However, I don’t have any massive breakouts or anything else that truly needs some coverage. Just some redness, dullness and discolorations, but nothing major. So for me, this foundation gives just the right amount of coverage. On the left you can see my face without anything on. On the right is my face after one application. For me that is just enough. I go in with concealer anyway. I do think that if you like more coverage in your foundation you would definitely have to go in with another layer and it will still show some of your skin through.

The Finish & Shade Match

I would definitely call this a dewy foundation. It definitely makes your skin seem more alive and I like that in a foundation. However, if you don’t like a bit of glow because you think it makes you look sweaty, then this isn’t for you.

My biggest disappointment with this foundation, as with many foundations, is the shade match. I already mentioned how yellow this is and that it does oxidize after a while on your skin. In this picture I deliberately didn’t blend out the foundation down my neck as I usually would and that way you can clearly see that this looks ‘off’ against my skintone. The worst part? This only comes in 4 shades.

On the other hand, you never truly know what a foundations looks like if you don’t do the rest of your makeup and I found the shade less offensive after I had all my make up on. A bit of bronzer ended up working miracles. But do bear in mind that I am a little bit tanned from the summer sun here and it is still a little too dark for me.

The Lasting Power

However, we haven’t fully tested this foundation if we didn’t test how long it would last. This foundation claims to be longwear and I would say it is. But only if the weather isn’t too humid and you do not expect it to last through a workout/ heavy night of clubbing. On a regular day this lasted well, but the minute I started sweating profusely this would breakup especially on my chin and nose. Since I have dry/ dehydrated/ combination skin I think it works for me, but if you have oily skin this may not last as well on you.

The Conclusion

If you can find your shade match in this foundation than I do think this is a good drugstore dewy foundation. It lasts fairly well and I like the coverage it gives for my needs. However, if you need more coverage and you like your foundation to last all day no matter the circumstances than this is not your best bet.

*** Update January 2019 ***

Now that Catrice has extended the shade range to include much lighter shade that matches me perfectly, I am much more likely to wear this foundation a lot more. I like the texture and overall look of this much more now, because it doesn’t take me any blending, mixing or adapting to make it work. With less effort, therefore, comes a much more positive review.

What do you think of Catrice foundation?

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