Empy products pt. 1 | September 2018

Time for empties! It’s been a few months since I showed you and I feel I have sooo many exciting empties for you. For one, there are many products I used up. That is not unusual for me though. I use up skincare, bodycare and haircare before moving on to the next product. Where I make the biggest dent? Makeup & perfume! I used up multiple perfumes and this is quite possibly the most makeup I ever have. Since there is so much here, I figured it would be best to split up the video. Today’s video will focus on my empty perfumes, nailcare and makeup items.

empty products makeup perfume september 2018

Empty products September 2018 | Makeup & Perfume

Products mentioned (click the link for the full review):

What is the last product you used up?

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