The Body Shop collection

Over two years ago, I filmed my The Body Shop collection. Am I still such a TBS junkie? Yes, I am! So I thought it was time to give you an update. Some of the products I had then I still have or have since repurchased, but of course the line has changed a bit over the past two years, which means I also have other scents, lines and products that I am trying or are wanting to try. This is my The Body Shop Collection.  the body shop collection bodycare skincare

The Body Shop Collection

For this video, I am taking you through all of my TBS products currently in my possession. I have plenty, let me tell you. That is why I am not including any repeats from the first video. Makeup wise nothing has changed apart from things being decluttered or I ran out of them, and some product I loved then have since been discontinued. But this is where the collection currently stands. I have linked to as many reviews of the products below as possible.

Products mentioned:

What is your favorite The Body Shop product?

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