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Would you believe me if I said that I have never tried any of the infamous Essence blushes? The Matt Touch blushes are famous because of their affordable price point and outstanding quality. So I decided to change that faux pas in my makeup collection and tried a new shade that I found when I was shopping for the new Essence fall/ winter 2018 products. So what are my thoughts? essence matt touch blush review swatch blossom me up

Essence Matt Touch Blush
Blossom Me Up

Before we get started, I need to point out to you that I can’t find this blush on the Essence website. I can find it on different drugstore webshops though, but I do not know how new this shade is or how long it will still be available. All I know is that I had never seen this before. And for the price point, you really can’t beat this as it retails for a mere €2.59.

The Packaging

essence matt touch blush review swatch blossom me up

For such an affordable blush, you can’t of course expect too much of the packaging. This blush is small, the packaging is fuss free and straightforward and you just get what you pay for. The compact is quite cheap plastic, but it feels sturdy enough. Because it is a small blush, housed in slim packaging, this may be perfect for travel or carrying around as a touch up product in a makeup bag.

The Blush

essence matt touch blush review swatch blossom me up

The blush itself is one of those: how will this be a blush color? type of blushes. This is one of those shades that seems very nondescript and like it will not do much. A barely there blush. But those are my favorite! They work really well on my complexion. They are not too bright, but still add a nice bit of color to your cheeks. This blush has another thing going for it: its shade. It isn’t exactly peach, nor exactly pink, not exactly rosy. The result? A great neutral blush color that will go with loads of different makeup looks.

The Swatch

essence matt touch blush review swatch blossom me up

In terms of pigmentation this blush is outstanding. There is a reason why these blushes are so famous. For a blush this has some of the best pigmentation, without it being too powdery. This blush blends easily, does not go on too intense despite its pigmentation and can be build up if need be. What’s more: this blush does not fade on my cheeks and stays put all day, even when it rains. I have never tried such an affordable blush that performs so well.

The Application

essence matt touch blush review swatch blossom me up

While the color of this blush is very neutral, it still adds enough color to my cheeks. You can clearly see the difference in this before and after comparison on my face. This blush applies like a dream and with a big fluffy brush like the Real Techniques blush brush this gives a very natural effect. I think the color also fits my skintone very well. It looks like a very natural flush if you have a fair skin with a neutral undertone like mine.

The Conclusion

essence matt touch blush review swatch blossom me up

It is true: the Essence Matt Touch blush is one of the best blushes on the market. It is cheap, the color is stunning and the quality is amazing. I do think that if you have a darker skin tone, this may not work as all the colors are fairly light. So I hope Essence will come out with more shades so there is a better range that caters to everyone, because everyone deserves to try one of these blushes.

What do you think of the Essence blushes?

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  1. chucky1012 Avatar

    Beatiful and it have a glowing effect.
    I will look for this…


    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      It is pretty indeed. I have only been able to find this online though.

  2. quinncove Avatar

    Love this!

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