GRWM: Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Vault & What make up brushes do I use?

Today it is time for a Get Ready with Me video! In this video, I will be talking to you about my favorite makeup brushes and create a look using all 4 eyeshadow palettes from the Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Vault. Being a Morphe noob, having tried just a few of their products, this is the first release by them that truly had me craving the product. Of course, this product has proven to be quite the controversial palette. All the more reason to review these palettes and put them to good use. Watch the video below to hear my thoughts! grwm get ready with me morphe & x jaclyn hill vault review swatch favorite makeup brushes

Get Ready With Me:
Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Vault
Ring the Alarm, Bling Boss, Armed & Gorgeous, Dark Magic
Favorite Makeup Brushes

Because I didn’t want to do a video of me just ranting or raving about a bunch of eyeshadows, I thought we could kill two birds with one stone in this video. We all know that what tools we use can make or break our makeup look, but have you noticed that many tutorials are always about the products but not the tools used to create a look? I thought I would remedy that once and for all, by including all of my favorite makeup tools and brushes in this video.

Makeup tools mentioned:

Makeup products used:

What brushes do you love to use and would you like to try the Morphe & Jaclyn Hill Vault?

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