NYX HD Banana powder

Since I practically used up my Bobbi Brown pressed powder, I was in for trying a new powder. I decided to go with a drugstore option this time. And it is another yellow toned powders. This banana powder by NYX is one I owned for a while, but I hadn’t gotten round to using it yet. Banana powders are usually not my favorite as they are usually too dark for my skin tone. How does this work out for me?

NYX HD Banana powder

NYX is not super affordable over here and over the years I feel they have gotten more expensive. This powder retails for €10.49. NYX is a brand that I don’t hear enough people talking about anymore, while years ago this brand was one of the darlings of the online beauty community. But I think they still do some great products and I wanted to try this powder after hearing Jessica from Jambeauty89 raving about this.

The Packaging

I like how this powder has very simple packaging. It is slim, you can see the color through the lid and you get a total of 8 grams of product. As you can see this powder has a very slight yellow undertone to it, but nothing too crazy. And it is part of NYX’s HD line which has some great concealers too so I am hoping this powder will be great too.

The Powder

I had heard great things about the NYX HD powders and when I heard raving about this particular shade in the range I knew I wanted to try it. It seems to be light enough to match my skin tone and this being an HD powder it should be pretty much undetectable. If all goes well this powder should mattify, yet keep my skin looking fresh all day, while making my makeup last.

The Swatch

Powders never swatch very well, but you can clearly see that this is a very finely milled powder. It is so fine that it has quite a bit of kick back. So it does become messy quite quickly, but if you’re careful then it is fine. I did find it is not the best to use when you’re wearing black. Other than that I like how this blends onto the skin as it mattifies my face, but doesn’t make my makeup look cakey.

The Application

The proof is in the pudding they say: on the left my face with my foundation applied. On the right you can see the effect of the powder. It is light enough and doesn’t make me look too yellow. In fact, it looks quite brightening on. It nicely mattifies my makeup and I love how this makes my makeup last. Where some powders might accentuate your fine lines and dry patches, I find this goes on smoothly and stays looking nice all day.

The Conclusion

Yes, I am very pleased with this powder. Is it mindblowing? Not at all, but as far as banana powder go the NYX HD Banana Powder is the best one that I have tried so far. To top things off, this powder is easy to use and does exactly what I need it to do. If you are looking to try a new powder and you don’t mind spending around the €10 mark, then this powder is a good one to try.

What drugstore powder are you using?

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