Becca Sunlit bronzer

After I loving my Becca highlighters so much, I knew I wanted to try some more of their products. For a long time, the brand was very difficult to get over here. But now that it is more readily available, I can finally swatch to my heart’s content and so I came across a few products that piqued my interest. The first product I knew I wanted to try? One of their bronzers. Meet Becca’s Sunlit bronzer in Bali Sands.  becca sunlit bronzer bali sands review swatch

Becca Sunlit bronzer Bali Sands

What is great about this bronzer is that it is available in 5 different shades: one for every skin tone. Bali Sands is the lightest shade available, but the deepest shade is pretty deep so it can work if you are much darker than me as well. As all Becca products, this bronzer is a pricey one. This retails for €38.76. Yikes! But if it is a good product, then I am all game.

The Packaging

One thing that Becca knows how to do well is do packaging. Their flying saucer packaging is iconic and they have given their bronzers a similar style packaging. There is a mirror in the lid and while the highlighters are black with silver, this is brown with gold. It looks neat, the packaging is on point, but you do only get 7 grams of product. For a bronzer I think that is a good amount though as you won’t need much. I personally have never used up a bronzer in my life, so I know this will be enough to last me a long time.

The Bronzer

Why this bronzer caught my eye is how light it is. Since I am fair skinned, finding a bronzer that matches well and doesn’t look orange or muddy on me. I will not have that risk with this one as it is incredibly light. Which is great, because I struggle finding bronzer that I can wear in the winter time when I am at my fairest. This bronzer has a very light hint of shimmer, which adds a very pretty glow, but definitely does not look like a glitter bomb on the face.

The Swatch

Can you see what I mean? This is a such a pretty, light, natural bronzer with a hint of glow. What I love about this too is how easily this blends, but it is not powdery at all. The texture is soft, but it still has great pigmentation too. It is really one of those products that looks like it wouldn’t do much, but once it is on the skin, you can see that it does just enough. Lasting power is good too, but I never have any issues with colored powders disappearing from my face.

The Application

This is the first bronzer that looks bronze on me, but that also looks like it is supposed to be there. It is a very natural, great everyday look. So in contrast with the contour trend from a few years ago, where the more chiseled the better was the norm, this bronzer is perfect for a softer look. If you work in an office, or are going to school, or simply prefer a more natural, glowy look, then this bronzer is a great one to look into.

The Conclusion

Yes, the Becca Sunlit bronzer in Bali Sands is a bronzer that I love. It is natural, it is glowy and it works really well. I have never tried a bronzer that blends this well. The shade is spot on and it lasts well and I think this suits me very well. If you are willing to splurge on a new bronzer and are looking for one that does not look muddy and has a great everyday effect, then this bronzer is a very safe bet.

What high end bronzer do you love?

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