Clothing items to invest in

Fall/ winter is the fashion season for buying clothing items to invest in. It’s the season where you want to spend a bit of extra money on a fashion items that keep you warm, that may be weather resistant, but that are cool at the same time. Because you will be wearing them a lot and it is the first item that most people usually see as well. And not only that, if you spend a bit more money on something, you of course also want it to last. So you want items that are not only practical and stylish, but that will can be used for a few years as well. These are clothing items that I like to invest in.  fashion items clothing to invest in

Clothing items to invest in

The coat – The first item I would invest in is a good coat. I have quite a few coats, so I really don’t need any new ones, but the main reason why I don’t need to buy any new coats is because I try to buy coats that last. This coat in particular I have had for some years now and I wear it still. I had to fix the lining a few times, but the outside of the coat is still fine. And it is still stylish too: teddy/ bog coats are everywhere this year and this ZARA coat fits it perfectly. It is long enough to keep me warm when I ride my bicycle, it has a hood, which is great for when it rains and it is at least 50% wool which means it is warm while still gives you room to breath.

The shoes – Another investment piece for me would be a good pair of shoes. There is a reason why I featured a pair of new Dr. Marten’s boots in my most recent fall haul. I think that a sturdy pair of boots, preferably leather ones, is a great investment piece. I already own a pair of Docs that I bought nearly a decade ago and they are still going strong. Another style of shoe that I love is a pair of Chelsea boots, which I own several pairs of, but again, I love spending a bit more money on them as I know I wear them loads. An ASOS pair that I have owned for nearly 4 seasons now is still going strong, while they are quite easily one of my most worn pairs of shoes.

The jeans – Finding a pair of jeans that fit and look great on you isn’t just a nearly impossible task, but also a necessary one. Because jeans are the true workhorses of any wardrobe. I have pairs that I love wearing in different season, but the jeans that see me through most of the year are my pairs of mid stone wash Jamie jeans by Topshop. These are my oldest pairs of jeans and they are only now, after nearly 9 years of wear starting to become thin in certain places. Talk about a sturdy pair of jeans! That also shows that even though jeans are an investment piece, you do not have to spend a ton of money to find items that work. Because in terms of jeans, Topshop jeans are very affordable, yet they come in many different styles that will suit many different jeans needs.

What clothing items do you like to invest in?

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