Catrice Insta To Go Blur stick

In Catrice’s new line up, there are quite a few new, innovative products. The first such product? The Insta To Go Blur Stick. This stick promises to smooth out pores and fine lines and can be applied underneath or on top of makeup. Not a product that my makeup needs necessarily call for, but I was still intrigued.

Catrice Insta to Go Blur Stick 010

The Catrice Insta To Go Blur Stick intrigued me because I have some fine lines, dry patches and larger pores in some areas on my face, but not everywhere. That is why a full on porefulling, blurring primer isn’t necessarily something that appeals to me. But something like this that can be used as a spot treatment in the areas that need it most, would be ideal. I was also hoping this might also help to control some oils in the summer time and at just €4.99, this seemed like a good deal.

The Packaging

As you can see the stick comes in super simple packaging, but what annoyed me a bit was how little product this comes with. This contains just 4 grams of product. So I get why they say this is perfect for ‘chucking into your handbag’: there is hardly any product here so if you use this often, it may not be all that much bang for your buck. In terms of cost per use, this product isn’t as affordable as it seems.

The Stick

The stick itself actually looks like a yellow toned concealer, but don’t be fooled. It is more like an oversized lip balm than anything else. You may not get a whole lot of product, but I don’t mind that as long as the product works. As I am intending to only use it on days when I need it and as a spot treatment only, I don’t think I will run out of it soon. And at the end of the day, what matters most is whether the product gets the job done.

The Swatch

Do you see what I mean with this being more like an oversized lip balm? This stick has a very balm like texture indeed and on the skin it is nearly undetectable. I had to apply quite a bit for it to show up on the swatch. When you first apply this, it looks a bit wet and shiny, but when you work it into the skin and truly disappears. And as you can also see: there are fewer lines on the back of my hand. Will this also work on my face?

The Application

To show you how this product works, I am including some close up pictures of my makeup less face. On top is my face without anything applied. Just a bit of moisturizer. I have most dryness and pores around my nose, which is why I went with that area. I also have some broken capillaries and as you can see in the picture below you can clearly see where I applied the blur stick. There is a very blurry looking blotch in the middle of the picture and also the area around my nose looks smoother. That is not a camera setting: that is the actual product at work.

What truly matters of course is how this works under makeup. And I’d say it works well. Foundation applies seamlessly on top and I find that I need less product to make my makeup look good. Throughout the day, my makeup looks less cakey and stays looking nicer longer. I especially used this in the summer on days when we had a massive heat wave and this worked really well at keeping the oils at bay. So far I have only used this under makeup, but that is how I would mostly use this kind of product anyway.

The Conclusion

Can you tell I am pleasantly surprised by the Catrice Insta To Go Blur stick? This product really does deliver and it works really well. I wouldn’t start using this all over your face as the balmy texture means you will run out of it too quickly. But for such an affordable product that does its job so well, this is a suprisingly good gem in Catrice’s updated makeup range.

What do you think of the Catrice Insta To Go Blur stick?

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