Berry eyeshadow palettes

You know I love my eyeshadow palettes and after doing a video all about the Purple eyeshadow trend, I thought I could hop onto the berry train. Because that may very well be the eyeshadow color that I am even more on board with than the purples. In terms of warm tones, we have seen plenty of different trends. First there were the oranges, then the reds and now, it’s all about that berry.

Berry Eyeshadow Palettes

In today’s video, I thought I would address a few of the berry eyeshadow palettes that I am currently into. I of course cannot do a video like this without addressing the OG instigator of it all: Modern Renaissance. I think that palette is really what go the berry train rolling, but there are plenty of other brands that have caught up ever since.

Palettes mentioned:

What berry eyeshadow palette is your favorite?

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