Palette Bingo | Urban Decay Born to Run

On my Youtube channel someone requested I’d do a palette bingo video. I have never done these before but today that is changing. I watched a few of these but never really thought it would be something people might want to watch from me. Apparently I was wrong! When I asked what palette I should use, the suggestion was Urban Decay Born to Run, which I think is a good pick, so here goes nothing!

Palette Bingo | Urban Decay Born to Run eyeshadow palette

In the video I am not only doing a palette bingo but I am also addressing two other topics: how I make color combinations in my makeup looks and why I don’t do any new makeup release videos. I thought it would be fun to chat about something while I am putting these shadows on my face as well.

I think the look I created came out pretty nicely, what do you think? If you want to see more looks I created using this palette, feel free to check out my full review of the Urban Decay Born to Run palette!

What do you think of the finished look?

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