Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks

Some of my favorite high end lipsticks? Urban Decay Vice lipsticks. They are on par with MAC lipsticks for me and they are pretty much as expensive. I already reviewed some of the lipsticks I own from the line when they first launched. Because I liked them so much, I decided to buy a few more: this is a round up of four more colors I bought from the Urban Decay Vice lipstick line.

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks
Liar, Firebird, Menace, 714

I didn’t buy all these in one go: I got one of these earlier on and forgot to take pictures of it at the time. So if one of these looks used, than that’s why. I decided to add it into the review as I really enjoy the shade. These lipsticks retail for €19.85 each and are available in 100 different color with limited edition shades being released constantly. This is definitely a line of lipsticks that has something for everyone.

The Packaging

I really like the packaging of the Vice lipsticks. I like how each lipstick has a sticker which represents the shade of the lipstick. This makes it easy to tell the different lipsticks apart if you have more than one. The tubes are high shine and I like how each lipstick has the brand logo stamped into it.


Liar is a cream lipstick and a good nude. I already own Backtalk and this is more warm toned than that. It also has a different finish: Backtalk is a matte and this is a cream. That means that this is much more comfortable to wear.


This is the lipstick I already owned, but I forgot to take pictures when I first got it which is why this looks already used. Firebird is another cream lipstick: I really enjoy the Vice cream formula. Shade wise, Firebird is a magenta that has a berry vibe to it, but it is bright more so than it is dark. A good bright lipstick for the colder months.


Talking about brights: Menace is quite possibly one of the brightest shades of lipstick I own. It is a very punchy fuchsia shade and comes in a Comfort Matte finish. That means that this is a matte that is comfortable. And before you think that is impossible: try it, you’ll be surprised.


One thing that was missing from this line in my lipstick collection was a classic red shade. I do own Gash but that is a true blood red, not a bright classic red. This is a red that is very neutral and therefore will suit many different people. 714 is a Mega Matte formula and one I hadn’t tried before: it is more matte than the Comfort Matte formula and therefore longer lasting.

The Swatches

But just looking at lipstick bullets isn’t enough of course. Let’s look at some swatched. Here you can clearly see the difference between the different formulas. On the left are the two Cream, then the Comfort Matte and the Mega Matte lipsticks. The opacity is on point and the color pay off of these lipsticks is great for all three of these formulas. In terms of lasting power these all work well but there is a difference between the different formulas. Even though the cream lipsticks last the shortest, for a cream lipstick they still wear long enough. I get at least 5 hours of wear with all of these lipsticks.

The Application

Let’s have a look at what these look like on. Liar is a neutral as mentioned before. When I went to the store to get this, I initially wanted to get Naked, but when I tried it one, it didn’t look quite right on me. When I tried Liar it was a great alternative as it has more color to it and it has a much more flattering undertone that suits my complexion.

Firebird is a lipstick I bought after a Youtuber (Kaily Baute) raved about it. This lipstick is one of the most unique shades in my collection: it is punchy and bright, but still very flattering. It has a very interesting blueish/ purple sheen that might turn you off initially, but it is actually what makes this lipstick look good. I have been wearing this lipstick loads.

If I want an even punchier look, I opt for Menace. It is quite similar to Firebird, but lighter and brighter. This is a great summer staple and I love wearing these kind of shades a lot when the weather is quite a bit warmer. I love the matte finish of this and it lasts a long time on the lips.

Finally there is 714. A great classic red shade that I knew would be flattering on me. The Mega Matte formula really surprised me with how matte this looks, but it is not too drying. To me this is very comparable to the Charlotte Tilbury matte formula and that is one of my all time favorite matte lipstick formulas.

The Conclusion

There is a reason why I went back for more Urban Decay Vice lipsticks. These are simply some of the best lipsticks on the market today. There are 100 shades to choose from, plenty of finishes and therefore you can always find something that suits your lipstick needs. Even if the shades I am showing you here are not your cup of tea, I would still recommend checking these out as this line has likely a shade for you.

What is your experience with the Urban Decay Vice lipsticks?

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