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For all my love of all things Urban Decay and I hadn’t yet tried any of their blushes. Not a product many people rave about, but Urban Decay has a pretty strong line. After Catrice it is definitely one of my makeup brands and last summer I was just baffled that I had yet to try one of their blushes. I picked up two, today I am reviewing the first one: Video.

Urban Decay blush Video

Quite possibly the best reason I had for not having yet tried one of these blushes was simple: they are not cheap and I had many other blushes to try from the same price category. This blush retails for around the €30 mark depending on where you get it. Some places are cheaper than others. And they seem to be getting discontinued! I saw some remaining shades on sale at my local UD retail point and I have heard rumors that the brand will be reformulating and repackaging their blushes. I hope that the shades will stick around because Urban Decay do some great ones that are hard to find elsewhere such as a bright purple and a red.

The Packaging

I think that in terms of blush packaging this is some of the most practical. There is no mirror, but truthfully, I never use mirrors in compacts as I find them too small, so it is not a loss for me. Rather than have a mirror, the lid has a mesh, see through window in the shape of the brand on the front, which actually allows you to see the color through the packaging. Clever and other than that the blush takes up all the space: just the way I like it.

The Blush

The blush itself is best described as a soft brown shade: a neutral that can go with many different looks. What makes this shade unique to my nude blush collection is how brown this is. This could almost be a bronzer, but it definitely works best as a blush on me. Where many nude blushes pull peach or mauve, this definitely pulls a bit more rose, making it the ultimate neutral for my skin tone.

The Swatch

A review is incomplete without a swatch of course! This blush has a very soft texture and there is a little bit of kick up when you dip your brush into this. Not as much as the average Anastasia eyeshadow, but definitely more than most Urban Decay shadow formulas. The pigmentation is quite strong for a blush, but I find that this product allows itself to be blended in seamlessly into the skin without any trouble. You only need to tap your brush into the product though: doing anything more could overload your brush.

The Application

I already described the shade of Video as being very natural on my skin and very natural it is. As you can see in this picture here, there isn’t much of a difference between the before and after picture. In the picture at the top there is a little less color on my cheeks, but on the picture on the bottom there is just a wash of color more. Exactly what I like a good neutral blush to do. This is a great blush if you are someone who isn’t much into blush because you find it too intense. Or if you are someone who prefers to wear bronzer as blush, but find your bronzer too dark/ not suitable to be worn as a blush. Urban Decay’s Video will give you the same effect, but in a much more natural way.

The Conclusion

Honestly, I can’t believe why I hadn’t tried the Urban Decay After Glow blushes before. Video is a stunning shade that works as a great neutral on my skin tone and the formula is one that I love: it is pigmented and easy to blend. I actually want to get a few more of these. They do a red called Bang that has my name written all over it. Here’s to hoping I can still find it!

What high end blush is your favorite?
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