Urban Decay Afterglow blush Bittersweet

urban decay afterglow blush bittersweet review swatch purple fair skin

While Urban Decay is one of my favorite brands, until recently I hadn’t tried any of their blushes yet. This summer, I bit the bullet and bought two of their Afterglow blushes. I already reviewed the nude color I got, called Video. Today, it’s the other blush’ turn and it is a bright purple blush called Bittersweet.

Urban Decay Afterglow blush in Bittersweet

From what I can figure out, I am thinking this blush range is currently being discontinued. I have found these blushes on sale in many different places. So if you are lucky you can find this shade and some of the others at 50% off. I have heard that Urban Decay will be reformulating their blushes, so it may very well be that, as when they revamped their lipsticks and came out with the Vice lipstick line, that the shades will stay, but that the packaging will change and the range is extended. The full retail price of this blush is €31.

The Packaging

urban decay afterglow blush bittersweet review swatch purple fair skin

I think the packaging of these blushes isn’t necessarily super pretty, but it sure is practical. These blushes are small and compact and all of the packaging is devoted to the product. No space is wasted and that makes for some handy, slim packaging that is easy to store. There is no mirror in the lid, rather the lid has a mesh detail that allows you to see the color of the blush inside.

The Blush

urban decay afterglow blush bittersweet review swatch purple fair skin

Yes, that is a purple blush. Bittersweet is definitely a shade that will not appeal to most people, but I found out that purple blush and look really natural on my fair skin. That is why I decided to splurge and get a more expensive version. What I usually do, is that I try out something like this with a more affordable version, before seeing if it would work and commit to buying a more expensive version. I like having both version in my makeup collection so I always have a good point of reference for reviews and makeup videos.

The Shade

urban decay afterglow blush bittersweet review swatch purple fair skin

Bittersweet is a purple blush that looks quite intimidating in the pan. However, don’t be scared, because as I will show you blow, this looks very different on the skin. I was drawn into this shade from the start, but was afraid it wouldn’t look good. Purple is a very cool toned color, so it will definitely not work for everyone. However, on my fair, neutral to cool toned skin, it works wonders.

The Swatch

urban decay afterglow blush bittersweet review swatch purple fair skin

I truly believe that the Urban Decay Afterglow blushes need more hype. Even though they are about to disappear, I still think that these blushes are at the top of their game. They are pigmented as you can see in the swatch, but not to the point where they become unworkable. Rather, these blushes blend like a dream and give a very natural color to the cheek. What’s more, I experience little to no fading with these throughout the day.

The Application

urban decay afterglow blush bittersweet review swatch purple fair skin

How pretty is that? At the top, you can see my cheek without any blush on. At the bottom, that is my cheek with the blush applied. It looks fresh, youthful and very pretty indeed. As I mentioned, I think this type of blush shade might work best on cooler undertones, but this kind of look is also perfect for all fair skinned people. I think that on my pale winter skin, this gives a very pretty look without going overboard.

The Conclusion

urban decay afterglow blush bittersweet review swatch purple fair skin

Urban Decay Afterglow Blush in Bittersweet is a gem that I hope returns to Urban Decay’s new blush line. It is a unique shade that not many brands do and that may not appeal to many people. However, as I’ve hopefully shown you here. A purple blush can look absolutely natural and pretty on the skin. Especially when it has a superior texture and formula, like this one has, you have a blush that is not only unique, but also works very well in your daily makeup routine.

Have you tried purple blush before?

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  1. wow! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a such a purple blush! It looks great too

    1. indiequeen84 says:

      It is very unique and unexpected, but that is why I like it!

  2. K. says:

    wow, you really made a point here! blush is my favorite makeup item, I never miss your blog posts on blushes and I think this is my favorite blush on you! So brightening. The Lace one from a few days ago was great too! I haven’t yet tried any of the intimidating colors. It’ll be something like Lace or bright true red… but now, maybe purple 😀

    1. indiequeen84 says:

      I love a true red blush too! I am hoping to add Bang to my collection before it is discontinued.

  3. stashy says:

    It looks so intimidating in the pan but looks so natural on the skin. I’ve had plummy and lighter purple-leaning blushes, but nothing like this!

    1. indiequeen84 says:

      It is definitely a unique shade. It is why I am bent on getting Bang, which is the red in this line. If they can make purple blush wearable, I’m sure they can do the same for reds!

  4. I have pale skin and I would’ve never thought to try a purple toned blush, but wow! It gives such a healthy finish!

    1. indiequeen84 says:

      I know right! It is very unexpected.

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