Rimmel Sculpting Face Palette

Rimmel Kate Sculpting Blush Bronzer contour Highlighter face palette 002 Coral Glow review swatch

Now that I am decluttering my makeup collection I am also realizing which products I still have lying about that I actually would like to declutter. Case in point: the Rimmel Kate Sculpting & Highlighter face palette. The only reason why I am getting rid of this is because I simply have more face palettes than I could possibly ever use and so this is sitting in my collection collecting dust. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like it.

Rimmel Kate Sculpting & Highlighter face palette 002 Coral Glow

These palettes aren’t new but there was a moment where many people raved about these. What’s not to love about a small, handy little face palette that has everything you need in one go? There are many other face palettes I own that I don’t only like equally, they are also much more affordable. For only getting three colors, I think that paying €10.99 for this palette is a touch steep.

The Packaging

This is a handy little palette indeed. The compact is not overly bulky which means that this is a great one for travel. For a travel palette I am missing one thing: a mirror. When I travel I usually use the mirrors in my face compacts and if I were to travel with this, I would only pack this though, so in that sense it is not so handy. The packaging also isn’t the best quality as it is quite a cheap plastic compact.

The Face Palette

In this face palette you get three cheek products: a highlighter, a bronzer and a blush. In total there are three different shade selections and when I browsed this product, I decided not to go with the lightest one. The main reason? The bronzer shade. In the other palettes I felt the bronzer looks a bit too orange, while this one looked like it might still work. The highlighter looks a bit too dark for me and the blush is very close to things like Benefit’s Coralista and NARS Orgasm.

The Swatch

It is instantly clear from a swatch that these cheek products all have a hint of sheen to them. They aren’t glittery per se, but these powders have a certain luminosity. The highlight seems to disappear against my skin, while the bronzer and blush both look quite subtle. Seeing this, I was quite hesitant about how this might work. However, for cheek products, a sheer swatch can actually be a good thing. It means these won’t look like too much on and they will probably be easier to blend and build up too.

The Application

Starting top left, we first see my cheeks with just base. To the right of that is the bronzer, then bottom left is the blush and then bottom right we see what happens when you apply the highlighter. Do you see what a suitable, wearable everyday glowy cheek this gives? The impact of the swatches wasn’t all that, but despite those light swatches this still most definitely shows up on my cheeks. The only one I feel does not really show up well is the bronzer. It is almost as if that disappears on my skin tone. The blush adds a pretty flush and the highlight, while subtle is great for everyday.

The Conclusion

Despite the expensive price point, this Rimmel Sculpting & Highlighting face palette makes for a good product. I wouldn’t recommend buying this if you already own a ton of cheek products as it doesn’t add anything new or revolutionary. However, if you want to have everything in one place, if you travel a lot or simply if you like a glowy cheek look: then this is one you might want to try. Definitely go check it out in a store near you if you think this looks okay. The three shades available all seem to be quite fair though, so if you have tan to deep skin, this may not work at all.

What drugstore face palette do you like?
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