Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Diffused Light

hourglass ambient lighting powder face powder diffused light review swatch

Today’s review is one I am excited for. Why? Because Hourglass makes some of my favorite powders. I even already tried and reviewed one of their Ambient Lighting Powders in the past, but that one I use as a bronzer as it is much too dark. I had never tried one of their powders for all over the face, but because I love the colored powders so much, I decided to buy one in a shade that could work as an all over setting powder. Is Diffused Light as good as the rest?

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder | Diffused Light

The question with a powder like this is: is it worth it? Because this is one expensive powder. It is not yet available in The Netherlands, but it retails for nearly €50 online via regular channels. That is not the mark up price of getting it on Ebay: that’s the price you pay via official retailers such as Cultbeauty and SpaceNK. That makes this the most expensive face powder I have ever tried. Knowing how much I love my other Hourglass powder products, I already know this will be worth it, but let me try to convince you why you might like this too.

The Packaging

Step 1: The Packaging. Is this not some of the most gorgeous packaging you have ever seen? Hourglass has definitely got that down. The packaging is a bit deceiving though. When I first spotted Hourglass online, I had expected the compacts to be made out of metal, but it is in fact plastic. High quality packaging, because despite the ‘cheap’ material, these compacts do not feel cheap. They are made of high quality materials and inside the powder is housed in a sleek compact that has a handy mirror on top of it.

The Powder

Step 2: The product itself. Because if I want to convince you of the merits of this powder it is to discuss how finely milled this is. When I first started using this I felt it was very similar to the much cheaper NYX HD Powder in Banana that I raved about previously. But now that I have been using this for a month straight I can say that this powder is unlike any I have used before. It is more finely milled, mattifies and blurs at the same time, but never looks cakey and it makes the skin look flawless all day.

The Swatch

Step 3: A swatch is always helpful, but never tells the complete story of course. On my skin tone, you can see that Diffused Light is exactly right, despite it being quite yellow in undertone. It is a very fresh yellow tone that works as a brightening powder. In the swatch you can also see how lightweight this powder is. The swatch is neither heavy, nor powdery. So despite this being finely milled, this still goes on smoothly and evenly.

The Application

Step 4: but the big test is of course how this powder applies to the skin. Despite a bit of a difference in lighting, this is all down to the powder. My skin is mattified, but also blurred and fresh looking. This powder is not only a setting powder, but a powder that makes your skin look like you’ve applied an Instagram filter. But then in real life. It simply adds the finishing touch to make for the most flawless base possible.

The Conclusion

The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light is one of the best powders I have ever tried. Yes, it is pricey, but since a good face powder usually lasts quite a while, I don’t mind having to repurchase this as it will be worth it in the long run. And what’s even better is that I heard that Hourglass is making its way to The Netherlands, so soon this should also be more easily available too.

What is the best face powder you have ever tried?
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