Catrice One Drop Coverage concealer

catrice one drop coverage concealer review swatch 003 porcelain

In the new Catrice line up there weren’t too many new base products. One product that caught my eye though was a new concealer that I haven’t heard many people talking about just yet. The One Drop Coverage concealer is one that promises to have full coverage and still be sweatproof and moisturizing. How did I fare using the Catrice One Drop Coverage concealer?

Catrice One Drop Coverage concealer | 003 Porcelain

This concealer comes in 8 different shades and that is quite good, considering the fact that Catrice usually only does three. I bought the lightest shade: 003 Porcelain. There were some swatches on the Catrice website when I bought these and compared to the other 7 shades, this looked to be closest to my skin tone. It is a touch yellow, but if if is light enough I will be able to make it work. This concealer retails for €4.59.

The Packaging

If you are familiar with dropper style serums and foundations than this style of packaging will be familiar to you. This truly looks like a mini sized foundation. It isn’t a foundation of course and it only comes with 7 mls of product, so it is clear just by looking at the packaging alone that this is a concealer. The bottle is made out of glass and I think it looks really fun and cute.

The Dropper

This concealer comes with a little pipette style dropper. I like shaking up this product, as it is very watery, then suck up some of the product into the dropper and then dispense the product onto the back of my hand before application. The dropper is sturdy and works well. It makes it easy enough to get just a few drops of product, so you can easily tailor how much product you apply.

The Swatch

In this swatch you can see how liquidy this concealer is. It is so runny that this could easily turn into a right old mess if you’re not carefuly. I would not recommend applying this straight to your face: you do need to take a moment to figure out how to apply this.

One Drop Coverage though? I don’t think so, I do need a bit more than just a drop to cover everything I want to cover on my face. One drop per area you want to cover? Most definitely yes. As you can see, the concealer spreads out easily, yet despite the watery consistency it is still has good coverage. It blends into the skin easily and the finish is quite pretty too. This concealer is not too matte and not too dewy.

The Application

Here you can see a close up of how this concealer applies to the under eye area. The area on my face that needs most coverage, but also the most problematic as concealers easily crease on me and can look very dry. As you can see, the concealer blends in easily. It wears a good amount of time. The thin texture means this never looks heavy or cakey.

To be honest, I feel the bottom picture doesn’t do this concealer much justice. Perhaps because the shade is a touch too yellow for me it doesn’t look flawless, but overall, I feel this concealer looks nice and wears well. I have worn this to work several times now and I feel this concealer still looks nice at the end of the day.

The Conclusion

This concealer was a surprise find! I really like the Catrice One Drop Coverage concealer. Do I like it more than the Liquid Camouflage? Possibly, but only if they come out with a lighter, more pinky shade. Because while I can make this shade work, I am not liking the shade match. That said though, if your shade match is available in the range than I would highly recommend checking out this concealer and giving it a whirl.

What new drugstore concealer have you been loving?
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