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make up revolution x soph does nails eyeshadow palette review swatch

It is time to review some eyeshadow palettes again. Last year I bought a bunch of Make Up Revolution eyeshadow palettes and by now I have given them enough of a test drive to post the reviews. We’re kicking off that series of reviews with a bang. Because the one we are looking at today: the first Soph Does Nails collab eyeshadow palette is a very, very good one.

Make Up Revolution X Soph Eyeshadow Palette

If there is one thing that is clear than it is how affordable Make Up Revolution is. All of their eyeshadow palette retail for a good price point, while often the quality is great. Whether it is a sub brand, like the I Heart Revolution Violet Chocolate palette, or Make Up Revolution itself, these palettes are often a good bang for your buck. The Make Up Revolution X Soph palette retails for €10.95. For a good palette, that is definitely a good price point.

The Packaging

Make Up Revolution palettes are known for their slim, yet sturdy packaging. This palette is no different. I also love how this comes with a good sized, fully functional mirror. The packaging is a light cream, which is not my favorite, but packaging doesn’t always have to be pretty. This palette works and you do get 24 different shades.

The Palette

The division between mattes and shimmers in this palette favors the mattes. There are 14 mattes in total and 10 shimmers. The undertone of the shades in the palette is mostly warm toned with some neutrals in the mix. There is nothing cool toned about this palette. Even the shades that could be cool toned pull more warm or neutral because the rest of the palette is so overly warm.

That doesn’t mean this isn’t a good allrounder palette. It has some good basic matte shades, combined with some peaches, champagnes and your pops of color in the shape of greens, purples and a pretty brown/ blue duo chrome. They are all shades I have in other palettes, but I think this palette is one of those that if you take it traveling or if you don’t have too much eyeshadow and you want to make sure you cover you basics, you will find everything you need in one spot.

The Swatches (Top 2 Rows)

The tops two rows are the most neutral and basic. The layout of the palette is therefore very nicely thought through. Most of the mattes are on the right side of the palette, with the rest of the palette becoming more intense as you go down. Some of the shades in the palette swatch differently than they look in the pan. This is an issue I have had with other Make Up Revolution palettes. The purple for instance, pulls much more cranberry and isn’t a true purple.

The Swatch (Bottom 2 Rows)

Also in the more intense shades you will be treated to plenty of mattes. What makes the palette for me however, are the shimmers. I love the green and duochrome: those are stunning. The black is more of a charcoal grey and the two shimmers in the bottom row are a bit too similar, especially once applied to the lid. It is easy enough, though, to create some stunning eye looks with this palette. Here are 3 looks I created with these eyeshadows.

The Application

Look 1 | Warm Neutrals

To create this first eye look, I knew I wanted to use the reddish and peachy toned hues in the palette. Combined with gold, you get a stunning very warm toned look that works well, wears well and makes for a great everyday look.

Look 2 | Green toned golds

I love it when greens pull more golden toned and the effect of then combining those greens and golds is stunning. As per usual I tried to combine as many shades as possible and I put the duo chrome I love so much on my lower lash line. I think this look works well and despite the fact that I have used very few of the neutral browns, this look could still be worn on a daily basis.

Look 3 | All the Purples

For the third and final look, I incorporated the purples and pinks. Now you can clearly see what I mean with a shade performing differently than you might expect. The purple isn’t a true royal purple as it seems in the pan. Not an issue for me, as the shade still performs very well indeed. I love how it pairs with the shimmery pink and this is a stunning, fresh look.

The Conclusion

If there is one Make Up Revolution palette that I think ticks all the boxes for a good neutral palette with some pops of color, then this would be the one. The Make Up Revolution X Soph eyeshadow palette is stunning, a great basic and the quality works very well. The shades do not always translate to the eye as you would expect from the look in the pan, but I was able to make them work nonetheless. Would highly recommend you look into this one!

What do you think of this eyeshadow palette?
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