Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Highlighter

anastasia beverly hills amrezy highlighter review swatch

Is it too late to be posting about this highlighter? The Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy highlighter is quite possibly the most raved about highlighter of 2018. It was limited edition, but I found it months later at the UK ABH website and this is also still available from the French Sephora website. So I say this still goes. In any case, I only really started using this intensely enough to warrant a review over the past month. So let’s have a look at whether the ABH Amrezy highlighter is worth the hype.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Highlighter

So apart from this being super difficult to find by now, I think it is still worth writing this review. This is not a cheap highlighter: it retails for €32. That is quite a bit of money for a highlighter. It is Anastasia though, so I feel this is a price point that fits the brand. The reason I bought it? Because it was raved about by tons of people with light skin tones despite it not looking like a light skin tone proof kind of shade. That made me want to try this.

The Packaging

Just take a moment to take that in. This looks black in the picture, but actually it is more like a deep midnight blue. It reminds me a lot of the classic Dior compact packaging! The stars on the front make this a very gorgeously packaged product. There is a mirror in the lid and the pan looks to be quite big. It does come with 9 grams of product which is quite a bit for a highlighter.

The Highlighter

The Amrezy highlighter is a golden toned highlighter. I normally don’t like gold toned highlighters. They are mostly too dark for my skin tone and while gorgeous on many people with darker complexions, they never really work on me. Watching reviews on Youtube, it seemed to be great for light skin tones too. When I got this in my hands though, I became very nervous. Because in the pan this looks dark. Much much too dark for my skin tone. Is it though?

Why it’s special

But this isn’t just your average gold highlighter! First of all, this has a gel texture. This made it more difficult to apply at first: I definitely have to use a dense brush and had to ‘scrape off’ the top layer with a brush before I really got the intensity this offers. The main selling point for me though is the gorgeous glowy finish this gives to the cheek. This is one of those highlighters that gives a ‘glass’ skin look. This doesn’t look metallic, but rather it gives a very intense shine that looks like it is truly reflective.

The Swatch

A fingers swatch doesn’t even do this product justice. Here it still looks powdery and a bit textured. It looks more like an eyeshadow, but it definitely doesn’t go on that intensely onto the cheek. As mentioned, I had difficulty applying this at first: there is a bit of a layer at the top and it truly takes a dense highlighter brush in order to pick this up. It is one of those highlighters that the more you blend it, the more intense it will become. It lasts all day and therefore has good lasting power.

The Application

If a finger swatch does not do this product justice, then neither does this picture. At this point I was still struggling trying to get the product onto my face. So I snapped a picture and thought I’d figure out the application in due course. And I did! I am wearing it too in some recent videos, this one for instance, and I think this showcases the product a lot better. It is definitely more shiney, more intense and much more stunning that I ever managed to capture in a picture.

The Conclusion

The Amrezy highlighter by Anastasia Beverly Hills is a great highlighter. It took me some time to figure out how to use, which is why this is not my favorite. If you don’t have a dense highlighter brush, then this highlighter will be difficult to use. And it would be crazy to go out and buy a new makeup brush just so you can use a certain product now wouldn’t it? Still, if you do have one of those brushes and are in the market for a good light gold highlighter that looks stunning on the skin: then this is for you. If you can still find it that is.

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