Too Faced Born This Way Multi-Use concealer

too faced born this way multi-use concealer review swatch snow super coverage sculpting

When Too Faced released an updated version of their Born This Way concealer, the internet went gaga for it. Many people claimed it was better than Tarte Shape Tape. Since I didn’t like that much and I generally like the Too Faced Born This Way line, I thought I would give it a whirl. Here are my thoughts on the Too Faced Born This Way Multi-Use concealer.

Too Faced Born This Way Multi-Use Sculpting Super Coverage Concealer Snow

The price point of this concealer may be a bit off putting as it is quite pricey. At €26.99 this is definitely up there in price. That said, you do get a ton of product. This comes with a whooping 15 ml of product, which for a concealer is a lot. You usually only get half of that. It is available in 20 different shades in the Netherlands. On the official Too Faced website there are 35 shades though, so depending on where you live you can definitely find a good match. For once I was not the lightest shade available.

The Packaging

In true Too Faced style the packaging is a touch campy. I generally am not a fan of Too Faced’s packaging options: the gold and the font just make it look a bit gaudy to me, but hey, it is definitely on brand. This concealer comes in a glass bottle that is nearly the size of the average foundation. It also has a doe foot applicator which I will discuss below.

The Doe Foot Applicator

I prefer a doe foot applicator with my concealers. It is simply my preferred way of applying concealer as it isn’t messy, easy to use and you never get too much product. This doe foot applicator is huge though! And I get why people compare this to Tarte’s Shape Tape, because they got the large doe foot applicator train started. This is an easy to use doe foot despite the size but I do feel there is a lot of product on the applicator when you first pull it out.

The Swatch

This concealer promises to be full coverage and it most definitely is. The shade I got is called Snow and it is describe as a fair concealer with neutral to rosy undertones. So that is totally up my street. This has quite a thick, opaque texture but it is still easy to blend. Because the doe foot dispenses quite a bit of product at first, I find I only need two dots of this under my eyes to cover that entire area. With just one dip I get the amount of product I need to cover my entire face.

The longevity of this concealer is also on point. It is definitely a longwearing product, barely breaks up and stays put. So it is a great summer time product as it always a great season to wear a concealer that doesn’t move. It doesn’t crease and one day I forgot to put on foundation and accidentally applied just the concealer. And even then, I had enough coverage for my entire face and the product didn’t move.

The Application

I already discussed that this is easy to blend, but I do have a bit of trouble getting this to look great on my under eye area. Because of the opaque full coverage look, I definitely have to go in with my fingers to ensure this looks a bit more natural on my under eye area. The warmth and oil of my fingers helps to pat this product into my fine lines and ensure a smoother and more even coverage look.

A sponge is definitely a must have for applying this product. I have tried a few methods, but I find that a sponge works best. When I blend this in, I get a bit of a ‘circle’ at first but then it blends in easily. Of course with a full coverage concealer it always is going to take a little bit more time, but for a full coverage product this still works easily and looks quite natural.

The Conclusion

Yes, the Too Faced Born This Way Multi-Use concealer is a really really great one. It is perhaps a bit heavier of a coverage that I would normally go for, but if you are looking for a one stop shop than this is a good product to try. For a full coverage concealer this is very easy to use and it doesn’t look cakey. As you get a ton of product I also feel it is definitely worth the price point.

What is your favorite full coverage concealer?
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