Catrice HD Active Performance primer

catrice hd active performance primer review swatch

Whenever Catrice launches a new primer, I’m all ears, because I generally really like them. They are not only super affordable, but I also think they work really well. I love their hydrating primer for instance as well as their light correcting serum primer. This new primer promises to be water and sweatproof and perfect for an active lifestyle. How did I get on with the Catrice HD Active Performance primer?

Catrice HD Active Performance Primer 010 Active Life Performance

This primer, being Catrice, is of course affordable. For a mere €4.99 you get a primer that hopefully works well. I have been lucky with Catrice primers in the past and so I hope this will get the job done as well. This primer comes just with 15 mls of product though, so you will use this up rather quickly. Most primers come with double the amount of product.

The Packaging

What really explains that price point is the packaging. You don’t get a whole lot of product but you do get really good packaging. This primer comes in a glass bottle with a dropper style pipette to dispense it. That’s where the money definitely went. I do have to say that I have had a few Catrice products with similar style packaging and sometimes the product inside is a bit too thick for it to work with the dropper. However, you can then use the product on, rather than in the dropper, to dot the product over your face and you will still be able to use it.

The Primer

The first thing I noticed about this primer is how liquidy it is. This is very runny so be careful because this might spill quite easily. Because of this runny texture, I feel I need quite a bit of product to cover most of my face. I have been using this now for three weeks and already half the bottle is gone. I need a full squirt to cover all of my face and to really get the effect I am aiming for.

That said, the primer itself works well. I don’t really notice much of the pore minimizing effect it claims to have. It does sit well under makeup, it makes my makeup last longer and look nicer for longer, while at the same time not clogging any pores. This also claims to have an SPF of 30, which I have not really been able to test out as we haven’t had great weather in these past few weeks, but I am sure to be able to test it out this week as we are having some great summery temperatures.

The Swatch

Here you can see how thin and runny the product really is. That drop instantly started going everywhere and when you blend it in it almost looks like a sunscreen. It even smells like it a bit I find. Blending in is easy as it is such a thin product, but I do feel that I need quite a bit and that it can leave a bit of a whitecase on my face. Not a big issue for me since I am super fair, but if you have a darker skin tone this may be more noticeable.

The Application

You may or may not know that I like to apply primer with a brush. I just do. I use a Real Techniques brush for this and it works really well with applying any primer, but especially thin, runny ones like this. I would recommend using a brush with this primer specifically as with your fingers it might get too messy very quickly. I simply put the primer onto the brush and then brush it onto my face. Easy as that! There is not a real difference between the before or after: this is a primer that doesn’t even out or brighten your skin. It just forms a base layer for your makeup to sit on.

The Conclusion

The effect of the Catrice HD Active Performance primer is subtle, but it is definitely there. I have worn this while going to dance parties and classes and I do have to say that if you truly start to workout and sweat from that it doesn’t really make much of a difference. What I do feel is that this is a great summer time primer. It has an SPF (always helpful!), is thin and works to make your makeup last longer on hot sweaty days. This is definitely one that is great for this season!

What do you think of the Catrice HD Active Performance primer?
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