Bourjois Healthy Mix BB Cream

bourjois healthy mix bb cream 01 light review swatch application coverage

After my all time favorite BB cream was discontinued by The Body Shop, some people recommended I look into the newly released Bourjois Healthy Mix BB Cream. It took ages before I could find it in store last winter and since BB cream is a summer makeup product for me I didn’t get around to using it until this month. Will this be a good replacement for the BB cream I loved so much? More importantly yet: will it be a good, lightweight summer time base that can withstand a bit of sweat and heat?

Bourjois Healthy Mix BB Cream Anti-Fatigue Hydrating 01 Light

Let’s start by looking at the price point: this is a bit more expensive than my TBS one. That was only €9, this retails for €14.99 for less product. The TBS BB cream came with 40 mls of product, this has a standard 30 mls. Bourjois is generally a bit more expensive over here, but they are frequently on offer too. I bought this when the drugstore was doing an ‘All Bourjois Products €10’ deal and that makes it a lot more bearable. I would certainly wait for a similar deal to come about.

The Packaging

In line with the Healthy Mix foundation, this product comes in red packaging. You can instantly see this is part of the same line as the styling is pretty much the same. The main difference though: this comes in a tube rather than a bottle. That is a win for me as a tube is so much easier to travel with and I love BB cream for a lightweight travel base.

The Swatch

This BB cream is very liquidy. I am used to them being much more creamy, but this has a runny texture and I find it makes it easy to overapply this product as a result. Because it is housed in a squeezy tube, if you squeeze too hard, you get way too much product, much too easily for my tastes. There is obviously no way of putting it back into the tube, so that means I mainly end up applying this to my face.

So far that is the only downside of this product I have been able to observe though. This has a very easy blendability, good coverage and for such a moisturzing product it is also longwearing to boot. I was surprised by how much coverage this actually has. I was expecting something super lightweight, but this definitely feels more like makeup than most bb creams.

The Shade Match

In general, Bourjois complexion product run quite yellow and I find that this goes for this product too. It matches perfectly with my summer skin, but it is a hair too dark and yellow for my winter skin which is when I took the picture above. Because it blends in nicely, you never really see that though and with some bronzer blush and highlight thrown into the mix this looks really nice.

The Application

What I love most about this BB cream is how easy it is to wear though. This makes for a super glowy base. It does apply like makeup, but once blended into the skin I think this looks very natural and like skin. It has enough coverage to cover up my uneven skin tone as you can see in the pictures above, but it is lightweight enough for it to not look makeup. It has a good wear time. I don’t like foundation like coverage on super hot days like during the heatwave this past week, but on a medium summer’s day this is a very good base indeed. It stays put, doesn’t look cakey once it breaks down and it never creases.

The Conclusion

Has the Bourjois Healthy Mix BB Cream replaced my favorite TBS Tea Tree BB Cream? It has, but only because the other one is no longer around. I thought the TBS one was a bit better, but that could just be my nostalgic memory of it. This is a good product in its own right though and if you are still looking for a summerproof lightweight base, then I am sure you will find a great product in this. If you can find your shade that is, because Bourjois shade ranges are notoriously atrocious.

What BB cream do you use?
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