Essence Stay All Day 16 h concealer

essence stay all day 16 h concealer 20 soft beige review swatch look application

Eyeshadow has to be my favorite makeup products but concealer is not far behind. As far as complexion and base products are concerned, concealer is definitely my favorite and I love trying and reviewing them. Today we are having a closer look at the Essence Stay All Day 16 hr concealer. This concealer is one that flies under the radar: it has been in Essence’s line since forever and yet I don’t hear many people talking about it. Time to find out if it is any good.

Essence Stay All Day 16 H concealer 20 Soft Beige

Let’s just talk about the biggest downside to this: the shade range. It comes in only 2 shades! That’s right and both are quite fair, so if you are anything medium or up, this is not going to work for you. I have mine in the shade 20 soft beige. I got that as it is pinkier than the other shade and this also seemed to be lighter when I bought it. This retails for €2.59, which makes this one of the cheapest concealers I have ever tried.

The Packaging

The packaging of this concealer is really nothing special. In fact, I think it looks a bit childish. That is often the case for me with Essence’s products. They can work quite well but the packaging is not the best. This tube is quite plasticy and just not much effort has gone into it. The pink shade for the lettering also doesn’t make it stand out in a posite way. Even the wand is a little crooked.

The Applicator

But the one thing that truly matters with a concealer like this is not the actual packaging itself, but the applicator. This comes with your bog standard doe foot applicator. But what I like about his is how small it is. It means you can get right into your inner corner to apply the product and there is a little reservoir in the tip of the applicator meaning you have enough product at all times.

The Swatch

This concealer is a very lightweight concealer. This is not your Tarte Shape Tape kind of intensity, but to be quite fair I don’t love concealers and foundations that are one swipe and you’re done. With a more lightweight concealer like this, you have more control over how much you apply, it is never too much and you can build up the coverage if you want more. That does mean you use quite a bit every time you use it, but at that price point who really cares?

Blendability with this is on point and that’s one thing I love about this. It looks seamless on the skin and it is a product that is nearly undetectable once blended in. It wears well: I can wear this all day, even in summer time muggy weather and it won’t crease or fade on me. I do set it with powder, apply it over primer and use a setting spray though, so bare that in mind.

The Application

I find that I can apply this using different techniques. A makeup sponge, brush and even your fingers work well with this concealer. My favorite application method is a sponge because it is quick and easy. It does mean you get a little less coverage, but as I already mentioned, this builds up well enough. But for me, I find that just one swipe is enough to get the desired coverage. It is lightweight and on some days I feel I can do with a corrector underneath as it doesn’t fully cancel out my dark circles. However, that does mean that this is a stunning lightweight concealer for everyday wear.

The Conclusion

So yes, at just €2.59, the Essence Stay All Day 16 h Concealer is a great one! This is very comparable to other lightweight concealers I love such as Urban Decay Naked Skin (which is being discontinued as we speak, meh!) and Rimmel Match Perfection. Those are a lot more expensive of course and I love how cheap and cheerful this is. Now let’s all pray that Essence won’t discontinue this one any time soon!

Have you ever tried Essence concealers?
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