L’Oreal True Match liquid highlighter

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Summer time is THE time in the year to bust out your liquid and cream products. I certainly loved using the Catrice Bouncy Bronzer last month and every year I reach for liquid highlighters too. Layered under foundation, over foundation or on bare skin: a liquid highlighter can add the dimension and glow you need for a hot summer day. Today we are looking at one of my longstanding favorites but that I hadn’t gotten round to reviewing yet. Meet the L’Oreal True Match liquid highlighter.

L’Oreal True Match Liquid Highlighter | 301 R/C Icy Glow/ Rose Glace

I bought this product on sale already a few years ago. It is still available (yay) and L’Oreal is a brand that often goes on sale. I would definitely recommend getting it at the sale price. The full price is €14.99 which I think is too much for a product that you will only use a few months out of the year. However, at a sale price of around €10 I think it is a product worth buying.

The Packaging

I believe that originally this came in two different shades. This icy, rosy shade and a more beige, champagne. I can no longer find the second one, but this version I have is still available. The product comes in a simple squeezy tube that makes it easy to use. I love that about this product. Often liquid and creams come in sticks or in open containers which means it is not too hygienic. The tube means you can keep this product nice and clean and it will therefore keep for a much longer time period.

The Highlighter

This highlighter comes with a ton of claims. It is a liquid glow illuminator that should prime, blend and highlighter. I wouldn’t recommend using this as a primer as it will make you look like the tin man. This truly is a liquid highlighter more so than anything else. I would recommend using this UNDER foundation though. It will make this product seem much more natural. Because of the light, bright shade, which is very pretty, it does also look very intense. Let’s show you what I mean.

The Swatch

First of all, a little goes a very long way. This swatch was made with just that little blob of product. You need no more than a pinprick sized amount to get the effect you need. The highlighter is glossy, rather than glittery. This is a true, high shine, brightening highlighter that when worked into the skin and under foundation can give off that true glass like look. And that is a look I really like! The shade may not be for everyone, unless you like a very stark highlight, but on my fair skin, this works very well. It is very icy, with a pink undertone, but it is not far away from being a straight up silver.

The Application

To show you the effect I like to achieve with this, I decided to show you how I use it. In the top picture you can see the highlighter applied to my bare skin. I am not wearing any other base product. In the bottom pictures I have applied foundation and concealer on top. Now that is the kind of shine I like! This is bright and intense enough that it will show through a light to medium coverage foundation. If you like this effect, but this may be too stark or it is a bit too expensive, then Maybelline has a very similar product in their line that has a very similar effect.

The Conclusion

Yes! The L’Oreal True Match liquid highlighter is a really great product if you like that wetlook glossy highlighter effect but don’t want it to break the bank. Sure, you can splurge on a cream highlighter by a high end brand, but if you are careful with this and do not apply too much this looks great under makeup. It blends in beautifully and gives a true lit from within glow to the face.

Do you like using liquid highlighter in the summer time?
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